Chloe Thomas
by on September 12, 2018
Clan Anderson is a Scottish clan that is recognized as such by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. However, as the clan does not currently have a chief recognized by the Court of the Lord Lyon, it is therefore considered an Armigerous clan. Variations of the surname are however considered septs of several other clans of the Scottish Highlands: The surname MacAndrews is considered a sept of the Clan Mackintosh and Clan Chattan, and also associated with the Clan MacDonell of Glengarry. The surnames Andrew and Andrews are considered septs of the Clan Ross. As Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland the surname Anderson, which means Son of Andrew is commonly found throughout most of the country. The Scottish Gaelic derivation of the name is Gilleaindreas which means servant of Andrew. The Scottish historian, Ian Grimble, states that although arms were granted to an Anderson of that Ilk in the sixteenth century, as the name is so widespread no exact place of origin can be established.(check: Anderson Tartan ) Vibrant, colorful and a unique, contemporary take on old styles of tartan, the Anderson Tartan Kilt is your chance at breathing new life into any outfit while still keeping your roots planted firmly in the soil of your Scottish culture and heritage. Made from a high quality and breathable material, this kilt features several different colors to brighten up any ensemble. The Anderson Tartan Kilt comes with prominent grey-greens, red and black running in both horizontal and vertical stripes with thicker accent stripes following the same direction.
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