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by on October 4, 2018
When everything you do and say is no longer private anymore and all the devices and messaging apps save your private data, you have got to find a way to protect your personal information and communication history. Keep on reading to understand why Telegram is not the best messenger for that and why Zangi is the safest option.
Almost every other messaging app we know about is claiming to be a secure one but after some time we come to understand that the statement is not true. Even Telegram that has positioned itself as a secure messaging app has found a way to disappoint everyone.
Alternative to Telegram or something unique?
Considering Zangi Safe Messenger as an alternative to Telegram is not a right thing to do because these two messengers work in an entirely different way.
Telegram offers their users to save their data in the cloud. What does this mean? This means that your personal information is stored somewhere in the cloud and it might be handed to a third-party upon request. If the local authorities, police or the FBI is still failing to get access to the information, and Telegram denies the fact of having them, sooner or later they will share our data as Facebook did.
In case of Zangi this is not even possible no matter who is trying to get access to the users’ data. Zangi does not store any information on the servers and there is no cloud as such. So, no information to save and share with anyone. This makes Zangi Safe Messenger a truly safe and trustworthy messaging app.
Other reasons to opt for Zangi
Apart from being the first safe messenger, Zangi is also cost-effective. If you make a video or audio call via Zangi, it will consume several times less mobile data than Telegram or any other messaging application. You only need to activate the “Low Data Usage” mode from the menu.
The app also works fine with 2G or bad Wi-Fi connection. If you are somewhere far from the city hiking or dealing with a crowded Wi-Fi, you will still be able to make audio and video calls or text your friends.
Zangi Safe Messenger has a number of other features that make it irresistible not to download the app. You can use their original and free sticker packs or even delete the messages that you sent by mistake.
By no means we underrate Telegram, but when you compare these two messaging apps, the winner is pretty obvious. Zangi is the right messenger to choose if you value the privacy of your communication and you do not want anyone else to have access to your personal data.
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