Anna Preston
by on October 4, 2018
What to wear when you are working as a live-in carer is not something you may consider at first but as the time is approaching for you to begin work in your new homecare role, you may find yourself suddenly stuck as to what clothes are and aren’t appropriate for you to take with you in to your new role. As a live-in carer, it is unlikely that you will have any kind of official uniform as that idea can be very off putting for clients who want to feel more at home with their carer. Therefore you will need to think about the clothes you wear during your working hours very carefully. Comfort over style The day of a live-in carer is a busy one and you will not want to spend your days in tight or uncomfortable clothing as this will distract you from your actual duties. Choose clothes that you will be comfortable in for an entire day. Wearing clothes which you can layer is a good idea as you may find yourself getting warmer doing certain tasks such as cleaning, and you won’t want to be getting changed several times a day as that will leave you with less time to get all of your tasks completed. Be practical Practicality in the clothes you choose to wear is essential in what can often be quite a physical job. You need clothes that you can move freely in, but at the same time are not so loose and baggy that they pose a risk from catching on furniture of mobility equipment you may be working with. If your duties will include household chores then you will need to wear clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty. It is also a good idea to invest in clothes which wash well and dry quickly so that you always have a selection of clean clothes available should you need them. Keep it simple It is important to remember that everyone’s personal style is different, and while that is perfectly acceptable, it is important to remember that overly garish or clothes with large slogans on may not be appropriate to wear in your client’s home. Your role is to help your client remain comfortable in their own home and clothing which may be offensive or wildly different to the client’s own personal style may not make them feel comfortable. Keep colours and patterns simple and save your more vibrant outfits for your days off. Shoes Flat shoes are essential for any role in care. According to Live-in Care Hub, carers may spend anywhere up to 10 hours a day on their feet, so comfortable, practical shoes are essential. As you will be in someone else’s home, it is a good idea to have outdoor and indoor shoes to ensure that you keep the floors and carpets of the home clean. You may be able to wear slippers in the home, but if you are working with any kind of mobility equipment, this is not practical and may be against the health and safety policies of your home care agency.
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