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Over the past decade, there are a lot of dramatical changes in lighting solutions and philosophy. Specifically, if we say about retail stores in Australia, store owners try to make the overall environment friendly, live and eliminate barriers between staff members. Simultaneously, it is important for owners to take care of energy usage. Though it is a little difficult to change, then also they implemented LED lighting products. You may have heard about the sudden change in retail lighting solutions in before a decade and many people switch to LED lighting after hearing its benefits. But really LED lights are proved beneficial for them? Or is it all just a hype?
If you are looking to upgrade your old light fittings, then you must know that it’s worth and not a waste of time, energy and money.

Retail Business: 5 Benefits of LED Lighting Over Traditional Lighting

Reduce Cost In Short Time:

Do you really want to reduce your store’s light bill? Simply switch to retail LED lighting from your old traditional lighting. It will save you at least 40% on an energy bill. LED lights operate on 80% efficiency and 20% electricity is used to power them. These lights lifespan is 10’s of thousands of hours. So no need to change frequently. The quality of retail lighting fixtures in Australia given by Technilux, help to avoid costly maintenance service.

Desirable Workspace & Environment:

If you mark, old traditional bulbs persistently come down in output and burn out from overheating. It creates an eccentric situation in the store which can affect your customer’s shopping and your overall sale. Using the coherence of LED lights, your retail store looks brighter and direct effect on consumer’s choice and sales. You will find a noticeable increase in sales and performance of your staff members.

Corporate Image:

LED is known as green technology. They don’t contain any toxic materials and 100% recyclable. Traditional light bulbs contain mercury, which can pollute the ecosystem. LED lights reduce the carbon footprints in your store and doing this you can contribute a bit to the environment. It is good for the planet and great for your brand image.

Quality & Durability:

Superior lifespan is a distinctive feature and hallmark of LED lights and it’s fixtures. In recent innovation, it is proved that LEDs have rated a lifespan of minimum 50,000 hours and with fixtures being rated over 100,000 hours. Generally, LED light products to have minimum 2 years and maximum 10 years warrantees on products and fixtures. It ensures that you have a trouble-free method to save time, money and atmosphere.
LEDs are also known for its robustness and durability. These qualities make it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor lighting. LED has the capability to resist shock and vibrations, whether it is inside the store or parking area to light.
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Looks Good In More Options:

The major benefit of LEDs is their flexibility and ease with which they can be combined into different shapes, sizes, and colors to produce the desired lighting effect. There is variety to pick suitable shape and size from to upgrade your retail LED lighting. LEDs are dimmable and highly controllable when it comes to color and distribution. You can change LED as per your mood that you want to invoke.
If you don’t have the budget to upgrade, then you can contact Technilux. They provide bulb replacement service, which works great with your existing lighting fixtures.
After looking at the benefits of LED lights, most of from you find it easy that why you need to upgrade your retail store. Above details, helps you to take a decision, especially if you want to save money on a light bill and make the environment green and healthy.
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