Eva Taylor
by on October 10, 2018
The Korean plastic surgery industry has burgeoned over the past decade with people from all over the world visiting Korea to get plastic surgery and cosmetic surgical procedures. It is said that South Korea is the world’s plastic surgery capital completing nearly 1 million surgical procedures a year, with over 50% of Korean women between the ages of 19 and 29 have had some plastic surgery through the course of their lives. The Korean plastic surgery cost is also, therefore, due to obvious reasons, lower than the rest of the world. Common plastic surgery procedures The most common plastic surgery procedures are: 1. Double Eyelid surgery: Double eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure where an additional flap or crease is inserted into the eyelid to make the eye look larger. This surgical procedure is however not common only in South Korea; nearly 15% of all surgical procedures in the world are double eyelid surgeries. 2. Jaw augmentation surgery: Usually, jaw surgery in Korea is done to slim down the chin and the jaw area by shaving off a part of the mandible. This provides the desirable and slim “v” look to the face. This is mostly preferred by women who like slimmer faces. Men tend to get jawline defining surgeries. 3. Rhinoplasty: A rhinoplasty or a nose job is performed to improve the appearance, symmetry, and structure of the nose by altering the cartilage. 4. Hair Transplant: For those going bald, a hair transplant surgery where hair is grafted from one part of the head to another is an ideal choice. It is also an extremely common cosmetic surgery. 5. Chin augmentation: Similar to jaw augmentation, this surgery also provides a sleek and a slimmer effect to the face. 6. Breast augmentation: Breast reduction, filling, and position based surgeries are also extremely common and popular types of cosmetic surgeries. What to consider? Before getting plastic surgery, it is important to place consideration of various factors. Some of these factors are: 1. The credibility of the doctor. 2. The approachability and competence of the staff. 3. The appearance of the clinic, including factors such as the hygiene of the clinic. 4. The infrastructure and resources that the clinic offers. 5. Post-operative care. 6.  Specific expertise based on the type of surgery required. The ideal place to get surgery One might wonder where it is best to get these procedures done. Whether it be a cosmetic surgical procedure or a purely aesthetic procedure, it is strongly suggested to get the procedure done in Korea. Hair transplant in Korea, for instance, boasts of an extremely high rate of success with qualified and competent doctors who are able to graft the hair and make the appearance of the person suit their facial structure, cultural preferences, and other requirements. Similarly, as Korea is considered the plastic surgery capital of the world, the surgeries are also performed with the utmost care and skill and there is a considerable amount of importance placed upon the post-operative care of the patient. It is, however, crucial to verify the reputation of the clinic and the credibility of the doctor prior to choosing a surgeon. 
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