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by on October 17, 2018

Which glasses should I buy? Are those frames too big? Does the frame colour suit my face tone? Are the glasses complementing my face shape? Too many questions, isn’t it? Buying prescription glasses is not just limited to looking for correctly prescribed glasses, there are lot more considerations eventually which may lead to confusion. Shortage is not the problem, in fact, the eyeglasses industry have flourished so much that myriads of glasses of different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors can be easily found. But choosing the one that suits you the best from the oodles is an uphill struggle. In short variety is now the biggest concern.

Selecting from a usual brick-and-mortar store can be nerve-wracking and you might not get the freedom and time to select the one that suits you the best. However, shopping glasses online can be of great benefit as you can shop anytime and how much ever time you want. The filters on the online store help you to sort as per your convenience like for example as per color, pattern and style etc. However even if the listing is sorted, you need to understand which would suit you the best. For that stick to the below guidelines which would surely help you in picking suitable glasses for you.

Do not overdo with trend:

Not every trend is going to look awesome on you. It’s not a demotivating statement, but it’s a fact. Just because round glasses are in vogue, don’t go for it until and unless you think it sits your face cut. Instead of frame shapes, you can experiment with frame material or colours. Choosing silver frame instead of regular black or gunmetal instead of gold, can make a difference and also help you to stay with fashion. Follow normal fashion but don’t try to overdo it.

Choose what suits your personality:

More than matching glasses with the colour of your attire, it is wise to choose glasses frame that matches with your attire style. I mean, you are not going to wear same pair of same colour of clothes daily to match your daily accessory with it. Instead you might have a particular style of dressing that defines your personality, choose glasses as per that. Like if you often wear casuals, choose frame that complements it like funky or bold, if you are professional fo for simple, minimal or classy glasses.

Buddy advice:

A friend’s advice should always be welcomed as he / she knows in and out about you. Their honest opinion will certainly help you to choose the best. Good or bad, but their opinion matters. Whether you shopping online or visiting any store make sure your friend is along with you. Your best friend know more about you than anyone else and you would agree to this, right?

Don’t shop in haste, there are myriads of choices. It’s the fashion accessory which you are going to wear daily, so make sure you buy the best and look the best after wearing it.

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