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by on October 23, 2018
No matter how protective you are with your house construction, still you cannot say what pops up and creates a great trouble for you. From electrical sparks to fire, slips and everything, there is a number of dangers all around and you need to take the measures to stay protective. Among the dangers around you, one of the biggest is the stairways. A study shows that the falls are one of the three top causes that can cause a death. You might be thinking, how to prevent the falls from the stairways. Well, you cannot prevent the falls, but you can take a measure to ensure that you have the right staircase in your house. In this regard, home inspection companies in Wake Forest NC can help you. They have a team of professionals who can inspect your staircase so that you can stay safe to the max. Inspecting the adequate railing When you install the staircase in your house, do not forget to install railings as they the most important safety feature. Most indoor staircases have a railing installed but we usually ignore the outdoor stairs. That is why they lead to accidents. To look for the staircase safety, you should hire a professional inspector to know how reliable they are. They follow the safety codes that may differ from state to state but all the railings are often required to be at a certain number of inches from the base. The railing must be thin enough to have a good grasp. This is all that a home inspector looks for and provide you guidance. Measuring the treads and risers Generally, the treads must be 11 inches deep and rises cannot exceed 7 inches. Remember that if the treads are narrow, it would be difficult to climb for the majority of the people and the risk of fall is higher. Especially when the people around you are wearing a heel, it would be difficult to maintain the balance. This is what best home inspectors in Wake Forest NC, is responsible for. Is the area slippery? The staircase material may affect the slipperiness, but all the staircases can be slippered to some extent. One way to reduce the slipperiness is to install carpets on the staircase. The other way is to add adhesive grips trips that can be applied safely. Looking for the lights Lighting on the stairs should be adequate. Walking through the stairs in the dark can be dangerous as you may fell and get a serious injury. Therefore, a home inspector suggests having the wall switches at both the ends so you can use the staircase freely.
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