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by on October 31, 2018
A basement is a beautiful place of any house and you cannot think of destroying it just because of water leaks. It’s an amazing place to organize parties and have a fun time. A homeowner could not find any other suitable reasons to demolish the basement other than the moisture issues. When a flood hits your house, you cannot leave your basements unattended. The longer to wait for water restoration, the more you suffer. The flood water attacks the floors, drywall, insulation, and the weakens the basic structure. Below are some common problems with water in the basement in Schaumburg IL and we have the solutions. Look For Leaks Inside When you see a suffered basement, the only thing you could think of is that water is coming from the foundation. This makes you blind easily as there can be often some inside leaks that cause the leaks. Inspect everything installed inside the basement that holds water such as; • Washing machines • Water pipes • Plumbing lines • Basement bathtub and sinks What if water is leaking through cracks? Cracks in the foundation are normal and there can be many reasons behind. Well, these cracks are not always a reason behind these leaks. You need to be clear what thing is causing the problem. Here is the solution to deal with a wet basement. Counter-intuitive as it seems, you'll need to chip along the crack in order to widen it (to about 3/4") and deepen it (to about 1/2"). This is the only way to get the hydraulic cement to adequately hold in place. Inspect The Floors Not only does the sideways or walls be the reason behind the leaks. Cracks in the concrete floor slabs are as prone to cracking and leaking as other areas and groundwater can seep upward through those cracks. When facing such problems, here is what you can do to avoid calling professional leak repair in Schaumburg IL. Deepen and deepen the crack about ½ - ¼". Ensure that the edges of the prepared crack do not form a V shape so that sealant can stick properly. You may ask the professionals for the right sealant if you do not have enough knowledge. In case you cannot do anything for your wet basement, it's better to rely on professionals instead of creating a mess that results into high expense.
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