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by on November 7, 2018
Writing an essay is a thing every college student would do throughout their stay in college, and there is no escaping it. Essay writing comes naturally to some persons and very difficult to others. If you get the right essay structure, then you can easily write it, especially since each part of the structure has the kind of information that goes into it. Let us take a look at how to write an essay. • Choose a topic: If you have been assigned a topic, move to the next point, if not, then there’s work to be done. If a topic has not been assigned to you, then you are in luck because you would pick a topic that interests you. However, the disadvantage of this is that your work will be more scrutinized and you would need to defend it well. Pick a topic on something that you find interesting. It could be your favorite vacation spot, the shape of the earth, your happiest day, etc. Avoid vague topics. • Outline your ideas: At this point, you would need to write down everything that there is to know about your essay. Start by outlining your thoughts, i.e., the things that you already know about the topic, then check the library for books with supporting idea, read journals and go online to get materials. Outline these ideas in the way you want them to appear in the main work. • Develop a thesis statement: Now that your ideas have been outlined, the next step would be to write the thesis. The thesis is a brief summary of the main point of your essay. • Essay Body: This is the part where you would describe, explain, argue or narrate your points. For each main point that is to be argued, it is best to start with a new paragraph. For each idea introduced, you would need to explain with supporting ideas. • Introduction: After developing the thesis and body, the next stage is to write the introduction. Every introduction should be catchy and eye-grabbing because, with anything short of that, you would lose the interest of the reader or audience. • Conclusion: At this point, you would write a summary of the whole essay by summing up ideas, findings, and recommendations for further study/research. • Critically scrutinize: Do not just finish up and submit. No. You would still need to read and reread the entire work, check for spellings and grammatical errors, look at the paragraphs and flow of the text. When satisfied, you can submit your work. However, if you have tried and it still seems difficult, then you can check for online experts that will offer essay writing service to you at an affordable rate. These writers are professionals with several years in diverse industries and can write on any topic and will deliver a finished paper before your submission deadline. You can monitor the writer that has been assigned to you and pay only if you like the finished piece.
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