Anna Preston
by on November 19, 2018
Find out useful tips to get you started in the world of vlogging, the latest way to share your thoughts and feelings on social media. Blogging was the hot ticket in social media not so long ago. Even now blogging is extremely popular and people love blogs. However, consumers now love visual stimulus, which is why Instagram has become so popular. Because of this, blogging has taken second place to vlogging in the hearts of social media followers. Vlogging is basically video blogging and vloggers will record a video and place it on their social media sites for the world to see. It is as easy as that, the only thing you need to know now is how to get yourself started so that you can share what you have to say with the world: Who Is Your Competition? Check out the competition so you can see how other vloggers are doing it. What do they use to vlog? How long are their vlogs? How do they connect with you when you watch their video? Plan Vlogs are rarely just filmed without some planning first. What is it you want to say? Plan the video out so that you get all the key points you want to make met. Invest In Basic Equipment You don't have to spend a lot of money to set yourself set up vlogging. Consider getting a good second hand camera that creates good video quality. You should also have a tripod for stability and you will need something to edit your videos on. But you don't have to spend money on the latest equipment, even second hand goods can work fine for a primary setup. Check Out Penalisation Sites like Youtube penalise things like swearing so it is worth checking what will get you penalised when you upload. Lots of vlogging guides tell you to be yourself but that doesn't always work if the site you upload to has strict rules on content. Engage Engagement is key when it comes to building a vlogging community. The more your community engages with your content the more you will be rewarded by the site you are on when it comes to exposure and in some cases, monetisation. Instagram's algorithm this year was heavily based on content engagement and that is unlikely to change any time soon. Not only do people need to be viewing your videos but they need to be commenting underneath it and actively subscribing. You should try to reply to comments and make your followers feel like you care and notice them, that is how you build a brand. Need Somewhere To Vlog? If you find that your house doesn't have the space for your vlogging equipment, or your actual filming, why not consider cheap self storage? A cheap self storage unit (e.g. from can provide you with the space to film, set up backgrounds and demonstrations. It can also provide you with the security to keep your camera and vlogging equipment safe and free from harm inbetween your filming sessions. It could be exactly what you need to get your new vlogging hobby off the ground.
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