Maria Williams
by on November 29, 2018
If you have been using mcafee retailcard of multiple devices and the validity is now expired, you can activate McAfee via your phone. Say, if you are out of town and the subscription is now outdated, you do not have to worry about carrying a laptop when you can get mcafee activate using your mobile phone only. If you use an outdated security app, no protection layer will work actively on your phone or on any other device. Therefore, it is necessary to activate the antivirus app timely if you want to protect your data from getting stolen or to restrict the access of intruders into your personal information. In order to know how to activate McAfee antivirus mobile security subscription using a phone, go with the steps below. Get McAfee activate using your phone 1. Tap on McAfee icon to launch the app on the screen 2. Go to Option taping on the three horizontal lines 3. Press login and you will be directed to 4. Use login details of existing account or create a new one if you do not have an existing account 5. Now, enter your license key code in the field or renew the expired subscription 6. Enter the McAfee activation code in the field and complete the process
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