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arlo phone support

Arlo is a range of smart home security cameras designed to keep your home safe and secured through advanced security system. With a designed that is based on DIY concept, it makes installation fun and seamless. It has many features which adds up to its ingenious design. It is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting spoiled whenever it rains. Its HD quality night vision feature has integrated infrared lights that turn on at night to shed light on even the littlest of things and makes it possible to see the surroundings when it is pitch black. It is a very popular product in the society and all these features only escalates its demand in the market. If you want more detail on Arlo security camera then you might want to contact arlo contact number to get some insight about Arlo. Although the installation concept is DIY based, some customers still find it difficult to install it on their own. The manuals can be sometimes a bit confusing and hard to understand as the terms used could a little difficult to compensate. So if you want to know how to set up Arlo security camera and configuration then follow the steps given below: First make an Arlo account by downloading the app on your phone. Open the app and click on the option ‘create account’. The account you create can also be used as your Arlo Netgear login ID. After this it’s time to set up Arlo base station. Plug in the Ethernet cord to the base station and wait for light to show up indicating that a connection has been made. Put 4 lithium ion batteries each into the cameras and press the button at the base of the camera and wait for them to sync to the base station. After placing the cameras in the desired location, open the app and sign in. There are two modes, armed and unarmed mode. Select from these two default modes and choose the camera whose settings you would want to configure. Select the mode of activation after this you have to choose the sensitivity level. Now choose the duration of time, and also choose hoe you would like the alerts to be send to you. Either via email, phone notification etc. If you still face error while setting up the security camera then call arlo troubleshooting to get help from professional employees who will assist you in your problem. Source URL : Netgear Arlo Security Camera Set Up
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