Anna Preston
by on December 3, 2018
Whether you live alone by choice or because of circumstances it can be lonely; it can also have its advantages as well. Unfortunately for many people the loneliness that is felt from living alone can sometimes out weight those advantages, and whilst a little loneliness is only natural it is important to make sure that you do not slip into a feeling constant loneliness. There are a number of ways in which you can avoid loneliness and we have put together a list of 4 ways in which you might be able to achieve this. 1.Make time to leave the house It is important to make sure that you socialise with other people, this will really help to keep the feelings of loneliness at bay, at least during the day. This is however not always very possible. If you are elderly or have low mobility then out and about can be incredibly difficult. If you have in home care, then it might be possible that they can help you arrange to get out, perhaps to a local senior’s club where you will be able to interact with others and get involved in activities. 2.Pets Pets can make great companions especially when you live alone, they give some degree of routine and structure to your day and someone to look after. For many older people a cat is the pet of choice as they are a little bit more independent and do not require walking but if you enjoy a gentle stroll then a dog can make a great pet as well. 3.Meet up with friends Make time for your friends, whether you find somewhere to meet up together in a cafe or visit each other’s homes keeping in touch with your friends is a great way to combat loneliness. It may be that you have friends who also live on their own and feel lonely and would welcome the company. 4.Let in the light It’s a very simple, but equally important, thing that you can do make sure you let the light into your home. If your home Is bright then you will feel happier – natural daylight is a real mood booster. It might be tempting to keep the curtains closed and shut yourself off from the world but don’t. Throw the curtains open and let the light in. Many older people find themselves living alone when their children leave home and their spouse has passed away. Often they don’t see anyone for several days and this can be incredibly lonely, it may be that they are struggling with normal everyday tasks but don’t want to burden anyone and don’t want to go into a home. If so, live in care is a very viable option that can allow them to keep their home and the life they have but with some extra help.
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