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by on December 11, 2018
Before choosing among the best microwave oven models, decide upon the functions you want your microwave oven to have. So there exist microwave ovens which operate on:
• Super high frequency (SHF) waves (such ovens are also known as solo microwave ovens)
• SHF waves plus grill function (it can be grills with electric heating elements or quartz grills)
• SHF waves plus functions of grill and convection.
Microwave ovens with SHF waves (known as solo microwave ovens) are
best suited for heating of food and defrosting of food products. Unlike using frying pans, there is no need to add oil to preheat the dish. Electromagnetic waves get into the product to a depth up to 2.5 cm and cause dipole molecules movement (for example movement of water molecules). And the speed-up of movement of molecules leads to increase of temperature. The preheated dish remains as flavorful as a freshly cooked one. The defrosted products stay looking fresh.
In microwave ovens with grill function you can roast meat, fish, chicken, make a pizza or the whole range of dishes with all well-liked crust, which you cannot reach using microwave ovens operated on SHF waves.
Microwave ovens with grill and convection functions are suited for baking. Proportionate spread of hot air inside the oven helps achieving results which in their quality can be compared to the pastry baked in a baking oven.
So before purchasing, think of the purpose you need the microwave oven for. If all you want is to preheat food and defrost products, you don’t have to overpay and buy a multifunctional microwave oven. And microwave ovens with grill and convection functions are the most suitable variants for those planning to cook various dishes frequently and being intended to save as much work space as possible on their kitchen because such microwave ovens represent many useful devices in one oven. The price difference between microwave ovens operated on SHF waves, devices with grill function and microwave ovens with grill and convection functions is evident at first view – the more functions a device has, the higher the price.
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