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Arlo Customer Care Phone Number

Arlo cameras are reinventing the term ‘security camera’. These cameras are effortless to set up and install and it can be placed anywhere in the surrounding of your house as it is weather resistance. They are powered by alkaline batteries and comes with an app through which you can monitor your home and its surroundings. It sends alerts and notifications through the app that way you will always be updated. The Arlo pro and Arlo go cameras can be powered by solar panels which is a product of Arlo as well. This is an eco- friendly product and it charges the batteries inside the camera. If you want to know from where you can get these solar panels or if you just want to know about Arlo cameras in general, you can get in touch with the representatives at Arlo Customer Service Number. The solar panel of Arlo cameras is space friendly and comes with an adjustable mount so it can be installed with ease. To set up Arlo camera with a solar panel, you can follow the instructions laid down below: 1. Choose a location of your preference. Go to a place where there aren’t many trees and plants, where the panel would get an adequate amount of sunshine. 2. Mount it on top of a fence or an elevated location facing south. 3. Use the screws that come along with the panel to mount it up. 4. Now attach the screws and alter the angle to the right direction. 5. You need to check if the batteries are fully charged. If it isn’t, then set it up. 6. And lastly, connect the cable to the Arlo camera. Also Read: Arlo camera device is offline These are the steps that are needed to carry out the process of setting up Arlo cameras with the solar panel. If you come across any technical difficulties or glitches, you can reach out to the representatives at Arlo Technical Support. Here you will be provided with an assistant to help you fix any kind of technical error or complication. this is a toll-free number and it is available throughout the day. Source URL : How to set up Arlo camera with a solar panel
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