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by on December 19, 2018
Those who travel by air frequently understand and know that a number of flight delays happen because of the airplane getting stuck at some other place or due to the weather of the destination or arrival airport not being good. If you are one amongst the frequent fliers, then you must know how to check the flight status. Well, you must also be aware that when the crew at the airport tells you that the flight will be on time, they are not always telling the truth.
However, not everybody flies often, and not everyone is a fan of browsing websites to check the flight status on the internet. If you are one of those, then you will be delighted to learn that Google has made an announcement that the Assistant will, in the days to come, be able to give proactive notifications on the phones when its algorithms foretell that the flight shall be delayed. This new addition shall be released soon and will be available for everyone in a coming couple of weeks.
The tech-giant is preparing to launch this new functionality for its Assistant. With this feature, the users will get a larger picture of whether their flights will be late. Since the holiday season is here, this feature is going to be very useful. While Google already gives such flight predictions via Google Flight, now the users can simply ask the digital voice assistant if their flight is on time.
A blend of machine learning along with the history of the flight’s status is used for making the predictions. According to Google, these flight delay predictions are around eighty-five percent accurate. Assistant will also offer the cause for the late arrival, in certain circumstances.
There are many online platforms that notify users when the flights are delayed, but Assistant is the first one to predict flight delays. For instance, Apple sends push notifications if the users have an online boarding pass in their Wallets. A majority of airline carriers give notifications via their applications, text messages, emails, or calls. The distinction between the Assistant’s predictions and notifications by airline carriers and other online service is that the Assistant gives these predictions before such delays are announced by the airlines.
Google also reminded users that when people are traveling to an unknown place, then they can take assistance of Google Maps. If they swipe their finger upwards from the Explore section at the lower side of the screen, they will be able to see a list of all the interesting places to see, restaurants to dine at, and a lot more.
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