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Arlo Technical Support Number

Arlo cameras are ideal for home and office security. And because of their unique DIY inspired installation technique, it is very easy for anyone to set it up and install on their own. These cameras come in different versions, but you don’t have to get the latest version for better security as each of the version is reliable enough. And though the DIY based set procedure makes it easy, there are still people who require a little help to set up and install their Arlo cameras. And if you stick around, you will find this blog to be helpful as it comprises the steps for Netgear Arlo Security Camera Set Up. You can also get the instructions through certified experts by contacting Arlo Customer Service Number. You will find that the steps written in this blog are very simple and easy to understand. Since it is a fact that not everyone understands the complicated technological language and terms. It is also important for you to be very careful while applying the steps, you need to be attentive as a simple mistake and leaving out certain parts will only complicate things for you. So, without wasting too much time, here are the steps to set up and install Arlo cameras. • First of all, insert the batteries by sliding the battery compartment on the camera. • Now, bring the camera near the base station keeping a distance of three feet between the two. • After that, sync the camera to the base station by pressing the sync button which is located either at the back or at the side of the base station. • You need to wait for a while till the sync status light turns green. • Now, press the sync button on top of the camera for around 2-3 second and let go. • You will know that the sync has been successful when you see a blue light blinking on the camera. • Check the base station and see of the camera LED is blue. • Finally, repeat the same steps for all the cameras until you have successfully set up each and every one of them. By executing the last step, you would have successfully set up and installed your Arlo security camera. If you find anything abnormal on the camera, like the LED light is amber and not blue or if you have problems with the sync, you can contact Arlo Tech Support. Source URL : Arlo camera set up and installation guide
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