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by on December 29, 2018
Shower cabins are pretty popular today and sliding glass doors, such as those used in shower cabins can be encountered in many modern flats. This is totally justified. Humanity has valued the utility and usefulness of shower cabins and innovations in the world of plumbing are constantly being designed in order to make these cabins more functional and comfortable. Now, if you have decided to equip your shower cabin with sliding doors, you should be aware of all the varieties of glass doors and their pluses and minuses.
Benefits of having a sliding glass door in your shower cabin
What exactly are the benefits of a sliding glass door? The answer lies in their characteristics, and more precisely:
• Sliding glass doors for shower cabins can be installed in a room with any area, because they technically take up no room at all, as opposed to hinged constructions, which allows you to use them in very small rooms
• Glass is not subject to the damaging effects of humidity and temperature changes, it does not deform, does not get dimmed over time and preserves its aesthetic properties during its entire lifetime. Therefore glass is a practical material.
• Glass does not require special washing agents for cleaning — it is enough to simply rub it regularly to keep it clean.
• The techniques used in producing the glass doors render them totally safe for humans. The glass used to make the doors is reinforced and is very hard to break.
• The glass sliding doors used in the shower cabin visually enlarge the room's area because they are transparent.
• This system will be very durable if properly used and maintained
• The aesthetic properties of glass as a building material are undoubted — glass will harmonically join the shower cabin to any interior irrespective of the chosen style. But glass works best of all with modern styles, such as high-tech, modern and minimalism etc. If you use different decorative materials or techniques such as engraving, you will be able to easily decorate the glass doors.
Disadvantages of sliding glass doors for shower cabins
Besides the positive characteristics described above, sliding glass doors for shower cabins have certain negative traits. They require gentle and careful treatment. When using the doors, be sure to open and close them using smooth motions, because jerking and pulling will loosen the mechanism and shorten its lifespan. Also dirt may accumulate in the cracks where the glass meets the casing. Fungus may start growing there; therefore these cracks must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned. And that is probably it. There are no more disadvantages serious enough to overshadow the numerous benefits.
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