Lee Holman
by on January 2, 2019
MLV or Major League Vaper is a good pod for vaping. It comes in a pen style system which features a truly closed loop system. Moreover, it has a powerful backup with 280 mAh battery. MLV kit has a capacity to store e juice pod specifically. MLV Phix is easy to use and is user-friendly with the latest updated technique. The best part to use Major League Vaper is it's style. It can be carried anywhere and every where without facing any hassle. The kit takes a few time to get started and you can get your vape journey started without any further problems. MLV Phix Flavors The pod ranges a different choice of flavors for all vapers. The essence offers satisfaction to the throat. You can select among spearmint, tobacco, ice tobacco, and strawberry. Also, you can get a mixed pod refill pack whereby a pack of three or two are available. MLV Phix Colors When it is all about the color, MLV Phix is available in the black and gray shades. Either black or gray whatever you like to include, the choice is up to you. MLV Phix At A Glance This phix type is a closed loop vaping system. It is integrated with 280 mAh battery. It has a 1.5 mL pod capacity The pod is included with USB port and also a charger You can make 220 puffs at the max. There are different e-juice pod flavor available and a flavor of your choice can be selected. Caution And Care To Use MLV Phix Although MLV Phix is easy to use, there are a few things which is required to be cautious about. Read here the important instruction to use a phix: It is suggested to never use this e-cigarette while charging. You should be careful about refilling the vape tank. It is suggested to handle it with care for the best and long-term use. If you are someone who is now well aware of MLV Phix pod system and all about it, and is looking forward to own it is suggested to approach the right destination. This is something which leads to bring a class and a classic you. Source By: I do not work for or represent any of the companies mentioned in my posts
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