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by on January 28, 2019
RU486 encases a FDA approved medication called Mifepristone as its dynamic ingredient and generic name. The pill mifepristone, makes an abortion by blocking the hormone progesterone, which is very important and necessary for pregnancy to continue. These medicine is taken in different dosage along with another abortion pill misoprostol. How to use RU486? On 1st day swallow 200mg of the pill with water and do remember to take the second medication with the specified dosage which is within 24-28 hrs of the pill. Take care of the foods, beverages at the time of this medication process. And Its suitability can vary from person to person. Symptoms: After intaking Mifepristone, there will be vaginal bleeding for first 2 days. One might will also get the mild cramps which is more prominent after second pill. Side effects: Nausea, cramping, fever, fatigue, breast tenderness, skin rashes. Precautions: Below are the precautions which are to be taken, If: 1. You are breast feeding woman 2. You are over 10 weeks pregnant 3. You have the certain conditions such as heart, liver or lungs. Source: RU486 Online
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