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by on January 28, 2019
Whether you are a seasoned vapor or taking your first steps, the best bet always is to choose for the best vape starter kit that will make your vaping easy. Vape is generally the handheld electronic devices, which are specially designed to produce inhale the vapor. Being one of the most effective technical solution to tobacco smoke and nicotine dependency, these best vape pen starter kit are tested to be reliable and of high quality. With these vape pens, user can choose to step down or scale their nicotine consumption. It is similar to using gum or a patch but is highly popular because of its ability to provide familiar sensation and hand-to-mouth action as smoking. When looking for the vape starter kits, your best bet is to focus on vape pens. Starter kits help you start vaping immediately without the hassle of learning stuff. They are much more user-friendly than box mods and easily available online. ALL ABOUT E-LIQUID PENS BY PHIX The E-Liquid pens are all about convenience, ease of use and pure satisfaction. They come in an ergonomic shape of a pen and fully capable of providing the best vapor production possible. They are considered one of the most comfortable devices that are easy to hold, operate and are an awesome way to introduce you to the world of vaping. A good vape starter kit includes: 280 mAh battery: which when charged once provide about 220 (regulated to 3.7 volts). USB charging cable: to be used either with a computer USB port or 0.5-1.0 amp wall adapter. PHIX pod in Original Blend Tobacco: Provide about 400puffs per pod, contains 1.5 ml, 5% nicotine by weight, 1.4-1.5 ohm. If you are looking for a stealthy and practical vape pen online than PHIX Vapor is the right place you must hit. Being one of the leading vape shops online, PHIX Vapor provides a stunning range of vaping products and e- liquids online. However, if you a beginner then it is highly recommended to start vaping with the starter kit because it is best to keep it simple. Place your order today with PHIX vapor and get it delivered at your doorstep.
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