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by on February 2, 2019
The most consumed Abortion pill across women is MTP KIT.This pill has proven the effect and shown EASY AND SUCCESSFUL ABORTION in women. Mtp kit comes in 5 pills .There is One tablet of mifepristone (200 mg) is to be taken orally on day one with water. 4 tablets of misoprostol (800mcg) should be taken within 24-48 hrs of mifepristone intake. The route of administration can be oral or vaginal. MTP Kit is a powerful and effective abortion pack for executing a fetus removal of early development up to 9weeks. This pill are highly consumed and purchase online for easy pregnancy termination. How safely to use MTP kit? These drugs are stored at 15-20 Celsius and should be unaffected by heat, sunlight, and dust. If anybody is having allergy about the drugs, then they shouldn't take this medicine. From wherever you are buying, you should take the intake instructions very carefully. Source: Safeabortionrx
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