Lee Holman
by on February 14, 2019
Vaping is considered as a new trend when it comes to the smoking alternative. The availability of vape devices has a smokeless aspect that leads individuals to believe about the health benefits, this device has to offer. In the smoking cessation world, Phix Vape is very rapidly becoming a major player. With a very simple design, this vaping device is basically a tube-like structure that holds A battery A heating element A container of liquid nicotine Available in many shapes, sizes, colors and unique designs on a reputed online vaping store Phix vapor. These vaping devices are the perfect satisfying sensation to your nicotine cravings. These vaping devices allow you to seamlessly switch between your favorite e-juice flavors without the mess and inconvenience. The Phix Flavors juices also known as e-liquid are made with food-grade ingredients for maximum quality. Some of the top flavors offered at or e-vape stores are: Butterscotch Tobacco It is a blend of two of your very favorite flavors Butterscotch and Tobacco. This outstandingly rich flavor helps in enhancing the sweet and buttery taste of real butterscotch Hard Strawberry If you are a true fruit lover, then hard strawberry is surely for you. It overwhelming luscious strawberry flavor will provide you with the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your sugar cravings. It fresh and refreshing fruity taste will help you quench your thirst for smoking. Ice Tobacco Just like the popular menthol cigarette, Ice tobacco invigorates the tongue with a blend of icy mint and rich tobacco. This incredibly authentic Phix Flavor will is guaranteed to please you as much as the real thing. Original Tobacco This flour provides you with a sense of smooth and slightly nutty tobacco flavor that makes a way directly to the lungs as you inhale and exhale. Spearmint People who fanaticize menthol will surely fall in love with this clean and exhilarating spearmint flavor. The freshness of mint in this flavor will make you feel like your mouth is full of freshly picked spearmint leaves. I do not work for or represent any of the companies mentioned in my posts.
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