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by on March 16, 2019
Roles and Responsibilities of Tableau Developer:
1. Checking Root cause Analysis.
2. Preparing Required Documents for the present project, Secure old 3. Documentation, and keep them up to Date.
4. Not allowing Data for unwanted users, with Guidance of User Filters.
5. Finding automation Areas.
6.Generation of heat Maps with MapInfo.
7. Working and Implementing tableau mobile Dashboards with tableau mobile 8.application.
9. Analysis of Data, to identify the latest trends and share insights.
10.Reporting team to deliver reports according to present requirements.
11. Working with SQL Queries for better performance.
12. With SQL Automation tableau Developer should Improve Data Processing.
13.Not only for Automation, but he uses it for managing large volumes of Data.
Prior knowledge on permissions, how that works for users and work Groups. Why means, users come to admin, when they face any issues with Security.
Tableau Developer should have knowledge of Postgre SQL and Tableau Metadata tables.
He should know about tableau scheduling, migration, licensing. In addition, able to work with tableau server management options like user management, load balancing, clustering). Handling Integration with Active Directory and handling application with Integration and users groups.
He should have Experienced in providing to report developers and users. Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
If already worked on Microsoft Access, SSRS, SQL server, Oracle share point or other SAS is better. In addition, designing ETL by using SSIS package.
Prior experience in working with stored methods, SQL Jobs, Views and Critical Joins.
In-depth understanding of the usage of Advanced tableau features, and advanced calculated formulas, context and content filters, groups and sets, continuous and discrete data elements, sheet swapping, actions, and many more.
Little bit exposure on ETL tools and ETL processes and Integration.
Roles and Responsibilities of Tableau Architect:
He has to estimate and design Proposals.
Directing the Sales team in showing tableau and provide Internal and external training.
He has to be an expert in other visualization tools according to the tableau.
Attending Seminars and other conferences.
Tableau Architect should be a leader and he has to review his and team members work.
He has to deliver solutions according to team members.
Design analytics solutions, by using tableau with many variants of data sources.
He/ She should have excellent communication skills and Knowledge on business and functional CPG Industry.
Tableau developer or Architect should make use of BI applications and products to update and develop Dashboards.
Capability to progress performance issues and optimizations for good and best performance.
If he has experience in Designing user, groups, workbooks and giving permissions for tableau server and security checks, is the best option.
Working out with tableau as a self-service option for many numbers of users. Developers should have a good understanding between tableau presentation and data layer in implementing security with a tableau.
Activities of tableau consultant:
On site and off site client interaction. Creating interactive Dashboards, summary reports. He has to make use of Dual Axes, Blended axes, Individual axes, and many more. Experience with Data visualizations, data acquisition in the tableau. Designing Dashboards and worksheets is Important in his Jobs Perspective. Interacting with business stakeholders, collecting each requirement. He has to cover total tableau development life cycle.
Tableau Interactor Role:
Tableau Interactor act as the main guide for Reporting requirements, with their own Functional and Department area. These are familiar, with business needs, that which attached with requests to design the latest reports, workbooks, and new dashboards. Interactors perform by using tableau online, includes works like modifying and Developing Dashboards. Terminating fields from old and existing dashboards.
Interactors work with Either Developers to have dashboards and reports in an environment of quality assurance. Known as the first and best point for solving viewer’s questions in regards to reports and dashboards.
Tableau Viewer Role:
A viewer is known as communication with tableau, termed for viewing dashboards and pointed for navigation. Like this, if the user also operates subsequent works like Designing field selections time periods. Working with Drill downs and reformatting a report with Display and sharing reports with other users.
Main Responsibilities:
Design updated Enterprise Data sources for SSA.
He has to provide tableau training, certification and tableau licenses. In addition, Support Department Interactors.
He will Report issues with total area interactor or Developer.
He has to participate in user Experience Test UAT and the latest reports and dashboards that are helpful for production and migration.
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