Pratik Mehta
by on April 19, 2019
Wanting pest control for your home often means one of two things: * You believe in 'Prevention is better than cure' * You have a pest infestation already brewing at home In both cases, you would ideally call the pest exterminators. These guys have one job and that is to rid your home of pests or potential pests. However, here in India, we often find families and companies shying away from pest control. Why do you ask? Well, there are multiple reasons include social embarrassment and safety concerns. However, today we're going to talk about another main reason for people avoiding pest control services - PRICES! When you read that, it makes you think, "Is pest control expensive?" Well, this is a common misconception that exists among the masses. However, it isn't really expensive at all. At least at HiCare, the prices of pest control and home hygiene services are extremely reasonable. The company cares for homes across India, irrespective of the size of your pockets. With prices surging and inflation across every other product and service in India, something like pest control should never be expensive. Why? Because pest control deals with the safety and health of your homes. Only healthy homes can be happy and functioning homes. HiCare has recognized this fact and has slowly become India's most reputed and trustworthy pest control brand, primarily because of its economical prices. Whether it's a cockroach treatment or mosquito control treatment, we provide the most competitive rates in the market. Just in case you beg to differ, HiCare continuously has running offers and discounts to bring down these prices even further. That's not it. They even offer the EMI facility on major pest treatments, which goes to show much much the company stresses the need for healthy homes across the country. Still, the general thought is that pest control is expensive! You decide - Are these services expensive? Below is a lowdown on the rates of every major HiCare pest control service provided, along with the difference home hygiene products they have on offer. Once you give this a look, we're sure you'll agree that HiCare is the most competitive pest controller when it comes to prices. See here: Home Deep Cleaning packages - Starting at just ₹3,239. Cockroach Control - Starting at just ₹4,905. Termite Treatment - Starting at just ₹4,500. Bedbug Control - Starting at just ₹3,690. Dengue Mosquito Treatment - Starting at just ₹1,395. Wood Borer Treatment - Starting at just ₹2,610. Air Purifiers - Starting at just ₹23,741. Bird Spikes - Starting at just ₹2,300. There might be a handful of pest control companies in India that offer prices lower than this, for the above services. However, there's a vast difference when it comes to quality and the actual delivery of the services. For one, HiCare is among very few licensed and certified pest controllers in India. This radically changes many aspects to your pest treatment including safety with regards to the gels, sprays, and chemicals being used. Being India's only HACCP Certified Pest Service Provider and also being a part of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) speaks a lot about the quality of the company. The reputed Bayer chemicals are used, which avoids all unnecessary complications and side-effects that arise due to the use of bad chemicals. Unlicensed pest control companies tend to resort to such chemicals in order to bring down their rates and entice customers. Coming back to the prices HiCare offers its users, we also happen to offer further discounts. Since everyone's going digital, we decided to do so as well. Pay using your card, net banking or other forms of online payments, and you can receive another 10% off on the service requested.   Once you've read all of this, you surely can't still be doubtful about whether pest control in India is expensive. Surely, we've answered your questions now. If you come to think of it, does the health of your family ever really have a price tag attached to it? Pests can affect your homes, furniture, walls, kitchens, pets, children, senior members of a family, and even your mental health. Bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches and the likes can cause sleepless nights and even diseases, depending on the level of the infestation. At this point in time, it's your decision to play it smart and choose HiCare. You may end up paying a few more bucks than you would at local, unlicensed pest controllers, but we can give you guarantees and assurances that they would never be able to. It's not for nothing that over 10 Lakh satisfied customers would recommend HiCare, residing all over this country.
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