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by on April 30, 2019

Having an athletic body is what many desire but few actually go out to achieve. A plethora of people are striving to have that athletic build, however, they are not motivated and think they can never get there. There are only a few tools needed to achieve the goal of being fit and athletic. If it were me trying to change my lifestyle and how I look, the first thing I would do is find athletic gyms near me. I would then research what exact build I am aiming for and how I can achieve the look and feel. I would consult personal trainers at gyms and anyone I know personally who are avid gym goers. When I find the perfect athletic gym near me, I would see what group fitness classes they have to offer and sign up for the ones that interest me. I believe that by starting with group fitness workouts I would be working my way up. It would be more enjoyable and allow me to explore my options at this athletic gym near me.

First and foremost, what is an athletic build? An athletic build is when an individual’s goal is to bulk up their muscles by eating massive amounts of protein and avidly working out at the gym and achieving the goal. An athletic build usually comes with bulky muscles and thicker legs. In general, there are different kinds of body types. The ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph build.

Typically an ectomorph build is the leaner and thinnest one out of the three. People with this kind of build burn calories automatically and have an incredibly fast metabolism. In order for these kinds of bodies to gain weight and be turned into muscle mass, they would have to eat extensive amounts of calories. When ectomorph body types go to the gym, they need to have intense workouts that focus on a particular muscle group. They will not see results as fast if they go to the gym and constantly do full body workouts. You can typically spot an ectomorph body type because they are thin, have delicate bone structures, and lean muscle mass. They typically can not gain weight as fast as they wish and they have a high-speed metabolism. The ectomorph build is on the thinner side, but on the medium side, the mesomorph comes in.

A mesomorph build is known to be more in between endomorphs and ectomorphs. Mesomorphs can gain and lose weight a little easier than the other two body types. This type of body has to be careful when intaking too many calories because they are able to gain weight way faster than ectomorphs. They are lucky because they naturally have a more athletic shape. They tend to have a hard body and natural muscles. This body type is made for body-building. The traits that mesomorphs have are that they are athletic, they have a naturally tough body, defined muscles, they are strong, and their bodies are rectangular shaped not triangular. After the mesomorph athletic build, the endomorph build comes next.

Endomorphic body physiques tend to be a little softer. Their bodies gain weight very easily. Their muscles are usually naturally strong and they are of a shorter build. Their arms and legs are bulkier and their upper leg muscles are noticeably powerful. They have a high tendency of storing body fat. Endomorphs should train with more cardio than anything to burn all the calories that were easily intaken. The characteristics that are visible within an endomorph are their soft and rounder physiques, the easy gain of fat and muscle, shorter in height, thicker bones, muscles not as well defined, and slow metabolism.

Knowing which body build category you fall under makes it easier to train yourself to achieve that athletic physique. There are several principles to follow for people that are trying to train their bodies in becoming more athletic.

The first principle to take into account is how strong you already are. If you think you are not very strong, it is essential you gain strength before diving into lifting heavy weights to bulk up. Without strength, your muscles do not have the necessary endurance and it will cause muscle damage. Strength also trains the nervous system to be efficient and make your muscle fibers work together.

Another principle to follow closely is warming up before your workout. It is crucial to warm up your muscles and body for the high-intensity workout it is about to undergo. By doing quick and easy warmups, it wakes up the nervous system and prepares the body for the exercises you would like to accomplish.

A fundamental to live by while training your body is to not overdo it with the heavyweights. Everything is about balance and restoration, lifting only heavyweight interrupts the balance and creates chaos in your body. Switch up your exercises and do not only stick with heavyweight lifting exercises.

And probably the most vital principle to adopt is to train consistently. Many people do not understand how imperative it is to keep exercising a healthy amount of times per week. Make sure to work out all of the major muscle groups every week and stay on top of it. People tend to fall back into the exercises they find the most fun/their favorite exercises but that will not help the body in the long run. Consistency is key.

When people decide to start training their bodies for athletic physique’s, they do not take into account principles that are extremely important to follow. Sometimes they throw themselves in the gym without doing research or having prior knowledge for what exactly is it they need to accomplish. It all begins with your mindset and how dedicated you want to be. Then it goes into your goals and what you want to accomplish. Lastly, it is how you execute your goals and see how consistent you can stay with it. Dedication is the key to success when it comes to bodybuilding and fixing yourself up to your standards.

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