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by on May 1, 2019
Most concerned parents believe it’s important to know where their children are at all times. And with the advent of cell phones, maintaining contact with loved ones has never been easier. But what happens when your son or daughter doesn’t text as he or she promised? Or what happens if there is an emergency situation - and your child’s phone is out of reach? Parents aren’t the only ones who want the ability to pinpoint someone’s location, either. An employer with workers who travel could be sending someone thousands of miles away for a sales visit or workshop. Meanwhile, some occupations - like the home healthcare industry - require the worker to visit multiple people’s homes. Of course, when everything goes well, that’s not a problem. But in the event of a crime or accident, how will that person call for help? And even if the worker attempts to get assistance by making a phone call, how can anyone guarantee that they can find the person? Most bosses want the best for their employees - including keeping them safe, especially when they’re out of the office. Knowing they can locate their employees provides peace of mind for any manager or supervisor. Equally important is knowing that their employees can summon help quickly and easily should they need it. Sometimes, it’s important for others to track you Beyond work, there are many other situations in which finding someone’s location could be critical. From a child who wandered away from a parent at a park to a young adult jogging alone on a remote trail, accidents and emergencies can arise. In the event of an emergency, friends and family will feel better knowing that they can locate their loved one at a moment’s notice. The personal locator beacon that saves lives Silent Beacon has developed a personal locator beacon for personal safety through its life-saving device and free app. The Silent Beacon device easily pairs with a free app that can be loaded onto any mobile device or computer. The device itself has an easy-to-use panic button. When activated, the device communicates with the app to send out alerts. These alerts push out to the user’s pre-stored contact list as texts, emails, and phone calls. Once a contact realizes the Silent Beacon alert was triggered, he or she can easily locate the loved one through the free app. The GPS-enabled device will pinpoint the personal locator beacon, allowing emergency personnel to identify the user’s whereabouts immediately. The ease and speed of the personal locator beacon saves time. And as we all know, in an emergency, every minute counts. Choosing the right personal locator beacon for you Of course, there are other life alert companies on the market. However, the majority of them require a monthly membership fee. This allows the customer to have access to their call center in case of an emergency. On the surface, this sounds great. But did you know that calling a third party is yet another waste of precious minutes? Instead of calling 911 directly, you’re contacting the call center. Then, they are taking time to contact help on your behalf. Most of these companies are reluctant to cut out this “middle man,” as it eliminates the need for monthly fees are recurring as long as the user continues the service. On the other hand, Silent Beacon does not require monthly memberships, activation fees, or installation fees. Simply set up your contacts, pair the app with your device, and you’re ready! And in the unfortunate event of an emergency, pressing the panic button calls 911 and your other contacts immediately and directly. Other devices work well - but some of them confine the user to their living room or bedroom in order for the device to work properly. With the Silent Beacon, you can travel anywhere you want. As long as you are within 140 feet of your phone, you can activate the panic button. Although you might not always be carrying your phone, most people are within the 140-foot range from their phone at any given time. How to purchase the Silent Beacon Unlike many other personal safety devices, the Silent Beacon is affordable at $99.99. Ready to purchase your personal locator beacon? Visit the Silent Beacon store today at
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