Mike Lee
by on May 2, 2019

Marketing has always been and continues to be a competitive market. As the popularity of the internet has increased, a large proportion of companies have developed a presence online to meet and engage with audiences. The commercial market is so competitive; businesses start and businesses crumble every day, and very few companies actually grow. It is clear only the successful companies in the industry make it. Yet, the question still remains - how do these companies continue to be successful in such a competitive market?

After studying these companies, there is clearly a few secrets to the trade.

Video Marketing Companies are constantly faced with generating sales. As a marketing company, their business often relies on customers. Through the development of leads, these companies are able to advertise their products and or services to these particular people. However, how do these companies develop these leads? The answer is usually through the creation of videos, images and written content.

Focus on Education, Not Sales

Audiences are very intelligent and perceptive. Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to figure out when you are being sold on a product or idea versus being informed. Customers are no longer receptive to the constant exposure of a product, but if you don't show the product, the likelihood of customers purchasing the product diminishes exponentially.

Recent video marketing campaigns have moved away from trying to sell their product or service, but rather educate their audience on how the product or service works. Thus, creating exposure around the product, but leaving the audience to negotiate on whether they feel the need to make a purchase. The product is being talked about, but not sold, alleviating concerns over the product being pushed rather than presented.

This model has appropriately flipped marketing on its head. Instead, the product essentially sells itself. If you can develop a budding and dedicated fan-base, the eventual sale of your product and or services becomes even easier. Through the development of a fan-base, will have access to a database of willing and interested customers.

Fandoms are an interesting concept to consider in a marketing perspective. If the fan adores the supplier or individual in charge and their personality, they will purchase whatever these individuals develop simply as a token to show their support.

Get Their Attention Early

The human attention span is relatively short. In order to garner the attention of your audience, you need to grab them early, relatively within the opening 10 seconds. Nevertheless, it begs the question, how does one engage an audience within the opening ten seconds of a video?

First, develop an interesting introduction. A number of companies create an engaging intro graphic, with their logo; others create a formal introduction from the boss or leading expert. Within these introductions, a question or hook is stated. Hence, audiences are notified within the video this question will be answered. In most cases, the question does not get answered until halfway through. Therefore, audiences will have already engaged with 3-5 minutes of the video before the answer to their proposed question has been answered. If the content is particularly interesting, audiences are more likely to stick around and even subscribe for similar content.

Secondly, images are better than words. A number of companies develop entertaining, vibrant and expressive thumbnails to attract the attention of people scrolling through these platforms.

Thirdly, the creation of an engaging title or caption. Presumptive titles are a great way to develop an interest in certain videos. Unfortunately, a number of these titles are not suggestive and are considered clickbait. Clickbait titles are essentially equivalent to big headlines that suggest an alternative angle to the actual story to stir emotion and or attention. You will want to avoid clickbait titles. Again, audiences know when they are being fooled and so, they won't watch your video if they believe it to be overhyped.

Content, Content, Content

The most successful Video Marketing Companies tend to be concerned with the creation of content, or rather, the constant creation of content. Most companies produce content daily on multiple social media platforms. The goal for most marketing companies is to get their content out there into the social space. You can develop engagement surrounding the interest in one of your posts.

Be Funny, Have Fun!

On top of the constant creation of educational content, another aspect to consider would be to create content that is also humorous. If the content is both educational and entertaining, more people are likely to share and spread videos around. Never forget to have fun in your videos. Humanizing your business is the best way to attract people and get them interested in what you are doing.

Advertise To A Specific Audience

Marketing has always thrived off of businesses effectively advertising their services and or product to the appropriate market demographic. Businesses later developed teams of people to research the market, and attain the types of people engaging with their material.

Nowadays, certain social media platforms have built-in analytic systems which divulge information on the types of individuals viewing your content. Video Marketing Companies should pay attention to these results to then streamline posts and content for these individuals. Again, the more these individuals engage in your content, the more likely they are to request your service or purchase your product.

Consider The Format Of Your Videos

In a similar manner to images, sounds and text also help to encapsulate the viewer’s attention. Creating unique and visual texts alongside head-bopping songs really helps to engage the viewer.

Attempt to find fonts that are unique, trendy and easy to read. Furthermore, use current instrumentals or genre-specific music to heighten your video and aesthetic. If you are creating a motivational video, maybe try using motivational sounding instrumentals. If the videos are fun behind the scenes, find music that compliments and relates that concept back to the audience.

Formatting your videos within this aesthetic helps to separate your business from others. If the viewer can associate the text, images, and sounds with your business. Once this starts to happen, you are well on your way to standing out in your field.

Optimize Your Content

In the same way, a business would optimize their content for Google, so too should a business optimize their videos for the specific platforms where they’ll be found. A great way to optimize content is through the use of hashtags.

Hashtags are gateways to specific communities and trending topics people are interested in. The more your content and presence can be found in these communities, the more likely people are going to associate your business as an authority in the field.

Lastly, ensure your videos are optimized for the platform you'll be using. Essentially each platform has a specific format that works. For instance, a minute video will generate better numbers on Instagram than on Youtube, while a 3-minute video will not even format for Instagram.

Considering these tips will help you develop market optimized content for the audiences on these particular platforms. As stated previously, if you can generate a group of interested individuals, you are more likely to see an increase in sales, however, your focus should be mainly on educating and helping people rather than the development of sales.

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