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Features to Look for in a Field Force Management Software With the rise of mobile solutions, there has been an increase in the demand for a field force management software. There are a lot of tasks which the software solution performs like creating tasks and assigning them to the field sales team. The feature set possessed by these solutions is what makes them beneficial for businesses. Most of the modern field force management software come with a web dashboard and mobile application that allows performing a variety of tasks easily.   While investing in a field force management software there are certain pivotal features that must be taken into consideration. Below we are going to have a look at some of the features that the software must possess: Direct Reporting Keeping an eye on all the activities of their field force workers is quite pivotal for field force managers. This can be done in the form of direct reports that include order bookings, field sales visits, GPS locations and many more. Most of the modern field force management software come with a system that generates the MIS reports. Such reports help a business to devise future strategies.

Dispatching Tasks and Booking Different Orders

The field force management software creates a platform which enables the executives and managers to be well informed about all the latest orders and bookings. While choosing a field force or sales  management software it becomes crucial to see whether the software solution comes with a portal. This would provide a facility to take the orders directly from the application, enabling the managers to dispatch the tasks.

Getting Instant Updates

Getting timely updates is an important feature that a modern field force management software should possess. Therefore like booking an order, assigning a task, updating the stakeholders regarding  the latest happenings, can be easily done with the help of the software solution. Modern field force management software sends the latest updates to all  through sms, emails or by both. This is an important feature that would enables the field force managers to manage all the tasks in a systematic manner.

Integration of Different Systems

The best feature of a field force or sales force management software is the integration with major CRM, ERP,  and back-end systems. Having an all-inclusive software solution helps the business owners to bring together all the different departments under one platform. This in return results in the increase of the performance of the whole team that enables a business to generate profits. Summing Up Integrating efficient workflow models is what businesses nowadays are looking for. With the advent of field force and sales force management , there has been a great boost for businesses looking to efficiently manage their workforce and reap profits. However, as there are a number of options of software solutions available out there, it becomes pivotal to pick one that comes with a feature set that would prove beneficial for your business. It is essential to go through the features that the software solutions provide before investing in it.   Related Article  
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