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by on May 13, 2019
So you are moving into a new home and probably a new city. Congratulations! But before settling into your new abode, you need to move with as little hassle as possible and without breaking your furniture or the bank. Thankfully, we've put together some tricks and tips to ensure you have a successful move.

1. Take Note of Damages to Your Furniture before Packing Them
If you are hiring movers, it will be best to do a proper walk-through of your furniture. This enables you to note existing damages so you can easily identify new ones caused by the moving company. As an alternative, you can take pictures of your furniture and other valuable items prior to packing them. If the moving company breaks any item, the photos can go a long in helping you receive compensation.

2. Take Inventory & Label
Having a record of items in your home lets you keep track of missing things, especially if you are using a mover. Also, label every box on each side, so you can easily find items whenever you need them. Another great idea is to label each box by writing the room it belongs in the new home on all sides.

3. Finish Packing before Moving Day
Do not pack on moving day! Avoid packing in the last minute and ensure you're ready before your movers show up on the D-day. A total readiness on your part makes it easy for them to load the truck when they arrive. Moreover, if they have to wait for you to finish up, you'll be wasting their time, which will cost you extra.

4. Keep Your Movers in the Loop
You need to communicate with your movers. Make sure they know items and conditions that are out of the normal. It could be oversized furniture, an overweight piano table, a narrow driveway or a small elevator. They also need to know the ideal place to park their truck and if there are any parking restrictions or limitations. Keeping your movers up to date enables them to accurately estimate total move time and cost as well as bring the right equipment.

5. Confirm Date and Time with Movers
Four weeks before the move, contact your moving company representative to confirm their arrival date and time. While confirming the details of your move, ensure you have the contact information of the team leader so you can call if they don’t show up at the agreed time. Also, know what policy they have in place for missed or late arrival.

6. Prepare a First Night Kit
Pack essential items you’ll need on your first night at your new home in a separate box. They may include cleaning supplies, toothbrushes, toilet paper, towels, light bulbs, garbage bags, etc. Follow these tips and you’ll have little to worry about. If you need more advice on how to have a successful move, contact Blue Beaver Movers or call us at 512-806-4717. We’ll be glad to help!
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