John Morgan
by on May 28, 2019
Thermal printing is a very useful and convenient way of printing that all business make use today. It consumes far less time, energy and money. And these three benefits are the major reason why people decide to individually print labels in their offices for their business. These labels have a professional look and are suitable for use in different brands of printers such as Zebra, Epson, Toshiba, Cognitive, Datamax, Brother, Citizen and many others. However, there are three different types of thermal ribbons: thermal wax, thermal wax resin and thermal resin ribbons. All of them are used differently. Wax Thermal Ribbons The wax thermal ribbons are excellent to use on coated and uncoated paper label stocks. It is recommended to use them for short-term labelling because they are not legible over one year of use. They are designed to be used a general purpose ribbon, especially for general text and barcodes. They are scratch resistant and still can withstand some outdoor usage. Wax-Resin Thermal Ribbons The wax-resin thermal ribbons are with a slightly higher quality formulation than the wax thermal ribbons and are the perfect choice for printing barcodes that need to withstand the elements and be long-lasting. They also give high print quality and good resistant properties. Resin Thermal Ribbons The resin thermal ribbons are excellent to use on synthetic labels in extra harsh conditions such as high or very low temperatures, chemicals, moisture and abrasion. They are the best type to use for outdoor applications as the printed information won’t scratch off even if the goods are rubbing against one another in the delivery vehicle. Thermal Transfer Printing Finally, the importance and benefits of thermal printing are numerous. The thermal transfer printing is the one that uses thermal ribbons in order to produce printed information. You need to invest in a quality thermal printer so that you can be sure that the printed labels, barcodes or any other document are of high quality as well. Hence, you need to check one of the best thermal transfer ribbon supplier in Australia and make sure you get nothing but quality. Thermal Printer The thermal printer consists of a thermal head that generates heat and prints on paper, platen which is a rubber roller that feeds paper and spring which applies pressure to the thermal head and causes it to contact the thermosensitive paper. Additional Information Another very important thing you should consider before getting equipped with a thermal printer and thermal ribbons is to be careful that the oestrogen-related chemical bisphenol A (BPA) is not present in the formula of the thermal paper.
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