John Morgan
by on May 28, 2019
Yes, beards are IN. In fact, they have always been IN but it was not since they were hugely popularised by attractive TV shows characters like “Game of Thrones”, “Vikings “and the like. The sexy appeal the well-groomed beards raise is indeed high. But the key word here is “well-groomed”. Not taken care of beards are not that attractive to look at and can be a real eyesore for the ladies. Not to mention that even guys themselves will be bothered by a scruffy beard that irritates the skin of the face. So, what is the solution to this problem? Let me get right to the answer: Beard Oil. Those who have tried it swear by it and those who haven’t must do as soon as possible. Sure, there are lots of products for beards that are recommended to be used, however, the beard oil contains all the nutrient ingredients that not only take care how the beard looks like but also about the skin health. Let’s go step by step and discuss all the important information and the benefits of the best beard oil products on the market. What is Beard Oil? Again, if you choose to use one product for taking care of your beard, let it be the beard oil. It will nourish, hydrate and maintain your beard hairs in place. You can use just a little bit and tame the beard hairs with one stroke or you can calm the beardruff. In addition, it is a natural cologne because it has a strong, woody and manly scent. The beard oil is a blend of natural carrier oils and mesmerizing essential oils. Here is what you would find in the best beard oil formula on the market. The carrier oils are the natural oils that are extracted mainly from the seeds and nuts of the plants and fruits and these are used for diluting essential oils. The most popular ones are the jojoba oil, almond oil and exotic vanilla oil. Argan oil is usually added to the formula as it hydrates and nourishes the beard and because it is known as the “liquid gold” it carries a plethora of benefits with itself – the vitamins A and E, the fatty acids and the healing antioxidants which makes it a fantastic non-greasy leave-in conditioner. It also makes the hairs shine and reduces the frizz. Another very important benefit of the argan oil is that it goes deep in the skin and promotes beard growth and also repairs follicles. The essential oils added to the formula produce the particular scent of the beard oil. Usually, those essential oils that have powerful, clean and masculine scent are chosen as they know how to make a statement. Your beard oil must contain cedarwood as apart from having a strong woody and refreshing scent, it has excellent antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is a great mood elevator as well. In addition, the best beard oil will have luxurious notes of honeyed fresh tobacco leaves as well as dusty aromatic frankincense that will add to the zest feel. Furthermore, the black pepper, patchouli and palmarosa essential oils will invigorate the facial hair and the skin. How Does Beard Oil Do Its Magic? Simply put, applying beard oil makes your beard soft, untangled and well-groomed. Now, a little more elaborately described here is everything your beard oil does. Helps Your Dry Skin and Solves the Itching This problem usually happens at the beginning, after a month or so when you started growing your beard. As you are not used to the feeling of hairs on your face you constantly scratch your beard and the more you do this, the more it itches. This is when most men give up growing beard as they can’t cope with the constant irritable feeling. Here enters the beard oil. It will liberate you from all that itchy feeling and you would feel refreshed and calmed. In case you are wondering why your skin has become dry, consider this an answer: as you start growing your beard and the hairs become longer and longer the amount of sebum produced by the beard hair follicles isn’t enough to coat the whole hair and the hair isn’t moisturised; hence the dryness and itching. The beard oil coats the hair follicles and moisturises the skin beneath the beard. Tackles Beardruff Beardruff or beard dandruff happens when you itch excessively so that the dry skin flakes off and gets on the beard. This is not a very appealing sight. Putting some beard oil will solve this problem as the skin will be moisturised and it won’t get to the point of flaking off. Beardruff doesn’t happen only to the beginner beardsmen. Seasoned beardsmen can face this problem too, especially during winter or when exposed to harsh weather or perhaps when they use strong skin care products with unnatural ingredients. Styles Your Beard The best way to style your beard is with beard oil. No questions! You can tame your beard, make it soft, manageable and supple. Gels, sprays and other products with ingredients whose names you can’t pronounce will dry out your skin and make it itchy. Beard oil is the perfect alternative as it contains cold-pressed, additive-free and specially-made natural formulas.
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