John Morgan
by on May 29, 2019
One of the best ways to showcase the potential of your home when you are selling it is to have it virtually staged and to upload the photos on the net. Why? There are two very simple reasons why: the first one is that people start their search for their future home online and the second reason is that it will cost you less time, energy, and most importantly, less money than staging it the old-fashioned way. Let’s discuss this a little bit more. What is Virtual Staging? Virtual Staging is a service provided by virtual staging agency and carried out by a virtual staging designer who transforms the empty spaces of rooms into completely furnished rooms with furniture and other decorative details in a digital form. The virtual staging designers can even declutter the space, that is, digitally remove any old furniture or other things that shouldn’t be seen (things that will not be included in the sale, not things that should be hidden from the potential buyer and later perceived as flaws). Is it Cheap? Yes. It is a cheap service in comparison to the actual staging service that can cost thousands of dollars for renting furniture, staging agents and other extra costs that you haven’t foreseen. You can find cheap home staging that starts at only $35 per photo. There are agencies that have higher prices as well, but it all depends on the complete packages they offer. For your value of money, you can make a deal with the virtual staging agency to showcase the best of your home and in a way to unlock the potential of the visual imagination. What Kind of Photos Should You Send? You can take your own photos if they are clear, not blurry at all. Also if you are sending your own photos you should make sure that they are of high quality in terms of size and sharpness. Or, you can have a professional photographer professional photographer take photos of your home, however, keep in mind that would mean spending extra dollars. So, perhaps you should take your camera or smartphone and make some photos on your own. How Do I Pay for the Photos? Usually, virtual staging agencies will ask you to pay for the service/photos you want to order before working on them and then in two business days they will send you the photos digitally done. Bulk Discounts? If you want to order a bigger number of virtually staged photos, you can always ask for a bulk discount. For example, if you need over 50 or more (the number depends on the policy of the agency) digitally enhanced photos, you can get a discount and the money you will save you can use for further advertisement campaigns.
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