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Stress Eating is the eating of excess food when you are in depression. You can drink ice cream if you feel sick, order a pizza, if you get tired or tired, or if you swing the passage after a hard day. It is not always bad to collect food for rewards and celebrations. But when food is your main emotional coping mechanism, you never have to worry about it when the first impulse is to open the fridge when you feel stressed out. Emotional hunger cannot be full of food. Food may be good for the time being, but the feelings that caused the food are still there. Since only unnecessary calories are consumed, it is often worse than before.

Sometimes when you are your greatest weakness you get the desire for the most powerful food. Feeling stressed or bored when faced with difficult problems you can relax and use food-consciously or unknowingly. Emotional eating can ruin your weight loss efforts. This often leads to an overeating-a lot of especially high-calorie foods are sweet and fat. The good news is that if you tend to eat emotionally, you can take control to regain control of your diet and take action to get back to track your weight loss goals.

Some people face strong emotions and eat less, but if you have mental pain, you may like to urinate or overeating. In fact, because your feelings are highly relevant to your diet, you don't have to think about what you are doing. Whenever you are angry or stressed, you will automatically receive treatment. Food also helps with interference. For example, if you are worried about overcoming future events or conflicts, you may focus on eating comfort food instead of dealing with pain.

Whatever you want to eat more, the end result is usually the same. The effect is temporary, the mood recovers and you are then responsible for the extra weight that reduces your weight goal. It can also lead to a vicious circle: your emotions will change, it's hard to lose weight, to feel bad, to eat more.

1. Maintain the Fun Rule of your life

Life is fun! With water, fruit flavor, good fast clothes. Apart from the other ways, the body's emotional emotions. If you complete your process with the block access. Let's eliminate one another. Begin the quality of every food that causes pain. Often the feelings of emotional pain are often eaten.

2. Build your own Beauty

If you knew how beautiful your food was to change. You also eat emotions as an exemption because it does not release any threats. Any changes in the diet will have a sense of self-worth and will take care of your beautiful body. We are waiting for the culture of beautiful women who are able to make profits in unqualified format. Dr. Gale Dins says: "Tomorrow, women woke up and said they were really happy with their body, just think how much of it will come out of business." It's time to wake up your beauty and eat your body with love and kindness.

3. Prepare for your strong triggers

Find the Thriller and the Strategy. If you know when you are eating alone, contact a friend or write down your diary. Always take food. Therefore you will never be lost. Therapeutic nutrition can react with a deficiency in a person's body and create a new way of eating. Keep your refrigerator cool and tasty. Prepare your time with the exciting things for art and leisure.

4. Eat food with a concentration

Eat what you eat, how much to eat, what to eat, what to eat when you eat, and how hungry you are. After a while, you can see examples of the relationship between emotions and food.

5. End your stress

If stress helps you want your wishes, technical management systems such as yoga, thought or breathing.

6. Don't feel depressed about yourself

Eating a shy meal makes you feel uncomfortable, happy and happy. There are emotions beyond our inappropriate senses, soft motives, and our attention has been excluded from them. The key to completing this pattern is when your emotions are leaked, do not give up, they will get you out of the way.

Ask yourself if it is right to feel sad, crazy, fearful, and tired. Accept negative feelings about kindness and interest and ask for what you want. This includes guilt or general anger based on depressed feelings. Make your feelings kind. Then you will understand that the body no longer needs to eat to protect their emotions. Also, listen to your feedback, discover what you want, and you can create new tricks for deep satisfaction.

7. Awareness is the principal of success

While the other strategies outlined here are very effective, I first mention this because awareness can be one of the most powerful aspects of change. Reading the article is the first step in recognition. You clearly know that this is a problem that you can uncover and teach yourself. Now that you know better than the problem is personally installed for you, the next step is Emotional food is sometimes called "weaving" because we never always think we are doing what we do and removing our humble habits or achievements. (Maybe there can be a taste - more about it - more efficient and you get notified). But you can consider the food before you know it is important to feel before eating. Eat more about what you eat. One way you can register yourself, have a daily meal or install the form or application in the current magazine you can install on your phone. They are the recipients of the vast majority of the leader, the peer-to-peer completely assimilated for the wrong reasons and they can then adopt the other approval for the deliveries of feelings. From time to time, the technique represents the average share of the surgeon's surplus, as well as the ease of the beach and place of interest.

8. Fight with our problems

If you use food to stifle your feelings in a difficult relationship, try self-reliance instead. About food is your only pleasure in a job that you hate, try techniques to satisfy yourself or get another. Reduce stress in your life and you don't need food to help you cope. :blush:

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