Amelia Bauman
by on June 13, 2019
Education has always been and will always remain highly valued all around the world not only by employers but by society in general. Obtaining a high-quality education can open lots of opportunities for you! In the modern world, you do not have to spend large sums of money on increasing your skills and obtaining the necessary knowledge as there are some resources that will help you to do it completely free of charge or at a very low cost! In this post, educators from the florida essay writing service have collected the top ten best sites that allow you to find courses and gain education for free by investing only your efforts and time! Why Choose Online Education? If you have a degree in the right field, chosen based on your talents and wishes, it can open any door in front of you, become a guarantee of a successful career, and ensure carefree future for you and your family. Now you do not have to leave your home to attend a college you like! With the help of online education, you can improve your knowledge, gain the necessary skills, get a diploma, and master a new profession right from your home, combining courses with a job or other things! It doesn’t have to take much of your time as this way you create your own schedule, and whenever you lack time to do your homework (if you are striving to get a certificate) you can simply ask for professional assistance at the reliable service! And what is more important – it won’t cost you a penny!

10 Killer Sites To Get Online Education For Free

1. Academic Earth
This website contains hundreds of lessons from different schools. The main benefits of this resource are the facts that it provides quality courses from some of the most famous and prestigious establishments on many various topics.

2. Stanford Online
Here you will find a smaller spectrum of lessons. However, the quality easily compensates this! At this website, you will find all courses provided by The Stanford University at one place and can choose either session or individual based opportunities.

3. Coursera
This is another site that offers a wide range of possibilities. The website partners with many organizations and schools from all around the globe and offer its users to choose any online course on any topic provided by some of the best universities and organizations.

4. Open Yale Courses
This resource is similar to Stanford Online as it only consists of lessons provided by this particular school and a number of subjects is also quite limited. But, again, the quality is worth trying it!

5. Khan Academy
This platform offers you to search for classes by school and subject. Like Courseera, it also features quite a big number of possibilities, but the main highlight of this site is that it is much more simple and convenient in use.

6. Harvard Extension
It is another worthy option. Just like Open Yale Courses and Stanford Online, this platform features free online courses from Harvard only. The main distinctive feature is that here you can search for lessons by professional certificate, which is very convenient if your goal includes certification.

7. edX
This is another high-quality option. At this platform, everyone can find some quality information and courses that he was looking for because edX provides many educational opportunities delivered by many different schools.

8. Codecademy
This is a perfect place for those who dream about mastering coding! There are many sites that cover this topic so why is Codeacademy the best choice? It is intuitive in use and has a convenient dashboard to monitor your progress. However, the most important feature is that it includes the possibility of a live practice along with the standard example/practice session scheme.

9. University of Oxford Podcasts
This is another good place to find high-quality and in-depth lectures from the leading professors, and another advantage is that it is simple in use and quite convenient.

10. Alison
Here you can find many sessions in technology, health, and business. There are also some language courses available. However, what makes this site really stand out is that it offers certification in some areas and thus, it is a good opportunity for those who need a certificate!
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