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Living in big cities is kind of a hectic thing, the pollution, water, lifestyle habits, genetics are such reasons that might be the reasons for hair loss. Some of them can be treated with normal treatments and some of them only by hair transplant. So, where to find an ideal place for hair transplant in Ahmedabad and how would you identify the earlier stages of hair loss.

The key to stopping hair loss is to first identify its symptoms. Any hair loss disease would not occur suddenly and take out all of your hairs in a single day. Hair loss is followed by earlier symptoms especially in cases of a different type of Alopecia. The mostly found hair loss problem is Male/Female Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia, almost 95% of people are affected by this hair loss. It is a genetic disease, so it can occur at any age.


Here are some of the signs of Pattern Hair Loss

Receding Hairline

The earliest sign of balding is receding hairline. In men receding hairline may occur after the end of puberty. The process usually starts above the temples.

Later, receding hairline moves back to the top of the head. This may leave a ring around the top or bare part of the scalp.


When pattern baldness occurs in men or women, hair follicles(hair follicles are roots from where hair growth take place) start to shrink. In results, they produce thin hairs. And with time if you don't treat the problem with any treatment, hair growth can be permanently stopped.

Extreme Hair Fall While Brushing or Shampooing

Doctors have considered hair loss of 50-100 hairs a day normal. In hair loss, people tend to lose more than that. The hair fall may be noticed while you are shampooing or brushing your hairs. 5-10 hairs are okay but a bunch of hairs you notice in a hairbrush, time has come to check out a hair doctor.

What to do Next?

When you notice any of these signs of all of them. It's quite definite that time has come to visit a hair doctor. He will perform a required evaluation of your scalp, ask your family hair history, lifestyle habits, medication, diseases and more. After a proper diagnosis, he will guide you to the available treatments, which one would be the best.

Best Available Treatment

Through medication such hair loss issues can be prevented for a short time or until the medication is taken. The only permanent solution for pattern hair loss is Hair Transplant. The results provided by hair transplant are natural looking and long lasting.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and must be done by expert hands of surgeons. It is necessary to choose a good hair transplant surgeon for achieving good results. A good hair surgeon also charges more for the services he provides, due to results that are amazing. Cost of hair transplant in Ahmedabad is affected by different factors so before you hit any button, do a proper research and then decide to go for hair transplant. Book your consultation now.

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