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by on June 14, 2019

Hair loss is a problem faced by a number of people and can be seen in most of the middle-aged people. Men and women gets equally affected by this problem, it is also called pattern baldness. When people go for hair transplant, he/she should have high hair density for the procedure to take place correctly. Hair density is essential for hair transplant. You can get the details of Hair Transplant in Gujarat, it will help you to understand the importance of hair density in hair transplant. Hair density other than curing hair loss, helps to make the transplanted hair look natural. So, before going for the transplant one should keep in mind about the hair density to retain the patter of natural hairs.

How much you know about Hair Density?

Hair density is that when you have enough hair on your scalp and you cannot see the bald scalp while looking in the mirror. The hair density is said to be high when you have enough hairs on your scalp and the low hair density is something when you don’t have enough hairs and you can clearly see your scalp in the mirror. Then you start thinking about the hair transplantation. Where to go and whom to consult. In the case of hair loss problem, you will have low hair density as compared to the other parts of the scalp. In the hair transplant surgery, surgeon takes the hair only from the donor area that is at back and side part of the scalp and implant it to the recipient area or the bald area.

How Important is Hair Density for Hair Restoration?

Doctors suggest that hair density of a person should be high if that person is willing to have a hair restoration. They aim to make the hair look natural. To make the hairs look denser it will require more follicles. The body will not support as it will hinder the blood flow through the scalp. The process needs the shaving of the scalp and then creating holes. The follicle requires a consistent blood supply to provide it with the nutrients which are necessary to grow healthy hair. It will result in the thinness of the hair. The donor area always has high hair density and everyone does not have enough numbers of follicles.

The hairs are taken from the donor area and it will be grafted to the recipient area. So when the donor area has low hair density, only a small number of the follicle can be taken out from the donor area, the surgeon never suggests taking out extra follicles from the donor area. Each and every follicle needs enough and constant blood supply. If an excess of the follicle is taken out from the donor area it will not provide the natural hair look and also stop the natural hair growth. Every graft requires proper nourishment and it can only be provided with blood circulation to the follicle. People use it to stop the baldness though you can achieve natural hair growth through proper care and providing proper nourishment to the hairs.

Now it is easy to get a hair transplant and there are many surgeons who provide Hair Transplant in Gujarat and other parts of the country.

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