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by on June 17, 2019

Hair loss has several types and it is associated with multiples reasons. According to a hair doctor in Ahmedabad, most of the forms of hair loss are temporary and medications are enough to control the problem but it cannot be said in the case of genetic hair loss. Genetic hair loss or male pattern baldness is treated with the help of hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is one of the best hair restoration procedures and it is preferred by a number of authentic hair transplant surgeons.

Hair transplant surgery is performed by removing hairs from the back and sides and then, the surgeons transplant these hairs to the bald area. You may think that the process is so simple but it is not true because of the involvement of many factors that are essential to make the surgery successful.

This is the reason, most of the hair loss experts like to sit with the patients to talk about such factors.

If you are going to have hair transplant surgery, you need to have face to face conversation with the surgeon before the surgery.

Surely you can use the internet to prepare a list of surgeons but while you are satisfied with a short list, you should meet every surgeon personally because of the following reasons:

Be Familiar with the Skills of your Surgeon:

It is obvious that you would like to know about the qualification and experience of the surgeon, you can do it by meeting him personally. You can have a talk to know more about his skills and medical history as well.

Tell him about your Case:

Hair loss is a complicated case with a lot of variations. The surgeon has to diagnose the problem to start the treatment and a major part of the diagnosis depends on the observation and talks. Therefore, you need to meet the surgeon so you may tell him about the conditions of your scalp and hair.

Ask your Questions:

You may have a lot of questions regarding the hair transplant surgery, clinic, and the surgeon. A meeting with the surgeon makes it possible to ask as many questions as you like.

Be Diagnosed:

A personal meeting is necessary if you want to find out the exact reasons for your hair loss problem.

Listen to his Instructions:

After you are fully satisfied and the surgeon has found out the root cause of hair loss, he is supposed to give you some instructions to perform a successful hair transplant surgery. You have to follow these instructions carefully.

Finally, you may understand that a personal meeting with the hair transplant surgeon is an essential step before the surgery. Personal meetings develop a sense of belief and trust and complete communication process between the patients and surgeon.

If you want to choose an authentic hair doctor in Ahmedabad, just visit the Avenues hair restoration clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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