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by on June 20, 2019
South Korea Plastic Surgery There are people who want to get rid of wrinkles and the easiest way to do so is by Fat Grafting Korea or the process of transferring the fat to the area where you have wrinkles. This transfer of fat will then minimize wrinkles and lines and act as fillers for the skin area that has got some marks. The fat grafting is using one’s own fat to fill up certain area so that it loses the scars too. This process can also correct many deformities and as it uses your own fat, the body will not reject the tissues but will acknowledge and welcome them. Fat grafting for repairing The grafting of fat for using it to fill up bodily contours is often used in various other ways. The reconstruction of breasts and various other areas, for cosmetic changes, are being introduced with the fat grafting process. The plastic surgeons work on such procedure and repair the contours that had deformities. The surgeon takes the fat from one area of the body in the method of liposuction. This fat is then injected into the areas that have got the deformities and this is done through very small and minute incisions. This process is popular in cosmetic surgery and this process uses the fat from the patient’s body to fill up or create other parts in a better way. The most common areas for such augmentations are breasts, buttocks and the lines of the face. Safer and faster healing process There are various processes used by plastic surgeons for augmentation but often there is a chance of allergic reactions. When the South Korea Plastic Surgery clinic uses the fat of the patient, there is seldom any chance of allergy and the body accepts the fat in its contours faster. The fillers that are mostly used as injectable solutions contain chemicals that are not present in the fat grafting process and hence it is safer. The fillers for the face are often very expensive and will last for a few months. The fat grafting process assures better appearance with the fat as filler – for a longer time period. Again this is a safer option than using any chemicals in the body. You gain a firmer facial skin and a savings from the costly price of the chemical fillers. Procedure for fat grafting The process is for getting better looks where there are certain deformities. The process is invasive but it is said to be minimally invasive for the patient. The area from where the fat is taken and the area to be augmented are anesthetized with local anesthetics and then small needle is used to remove the fat. The area has got fat tightly packed and the fat is removed from any one of these areas. The fat is then processed to take off water content. Another needle is used to re-inject the fat under the skin at the reconstruction area of the body. The patient finds moderate swelling or a slight bruising but nothing too painful and inhibiting after the Fat Grafting Korea is done. Surgeon corrects the defects and sometimes there are swollen facial tissues for a few weeks. The patient can resume work within a few weeks and the body starts healing soon after the grafting is done.
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