Reena Ewan
by on June 21, 2019
Meet and greet is an ideal car parking choice for those who prefers smart private parking facility ahead of their departure. It is a time saving option that gets you rid of all parking troubles and initiates a dream beginning of your travel. A well planned trip always ensures a comfortable travel for you. With meet and greet, a driver is made responsible to meet you at the drop off terminal once you arrive at the airport. He collects your car key and drive it to park it in the secure parking compound. You do not need to hang around the airport for hours in search of a suitable parking spot for your vehicle. The same procedure is repeated upon your return. You are handed over the car once you are out after completing the checkout process. You are allowed to carefully examine the condition Meet and greet Stansted is an ideal car parking service due to following reasons: • Simple and easy to manage with the convenience of direct check-in to your terminal • Do not need to face the hassle of waiting for the shuttle service • Ideal parking option for disables • Especially suitable while travelling with small children and elder family members Compare airport parking deals from our authenticated and reliable service operators and reserve the most appropriate option for your car.
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