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Supplier discovery is very important for your business to ensure you start the right relationships and get the goods and services you need at best value, from new or existing Suppliers. There are many ways to manage this process.
Referrals from friends and colleagues
Search Engines
Social Media
However, all these methods have risk, can be inefficient and may not help you discover what you are looking for. The Kopiki process came from considering the approach to Supplier discovery from the Buyer’s perspective and understanding the time impact as well as the quality of the Suppliers discovered with respect to the Buyer requirements.
Why not discover or benchmark Suppliers with Kopiki?
Our process helps you discover Suppliers that you are very likely to do business with.
Kopiki uses an algorithm to score Suppliers
Suppliers filter themselves based on the opportunity
Buyers engage anonymously via chat before selecting
By having a careful qualification process using our B2B matching software and keeping the Buyer anonymous until they are happy to share contact details with the supplier, we reduce risk and create a match that means you are very likely to do business together. Kopiki has users signed up from 45 countries so there is a good opportunity to discover supplier & buyers in UK. We can help you discover Suppliers for importing goods and services too.
Our Suppliers cover over 7000 categories so you can post a requirement and open a Kopiki Marketplace for anything you need under these categories. By asking existing Suppliers to join Kopiki you can benchmark them against each other as well as the wider market. This can be very beneficial for any goods that are purchased on a regular basis, in particularly commodities.
Kopiki can work more closely with your purchasing and operations team to analyse the long tail of non-core goods and services. This spend often accounts for between 10% and 40% of annual costs and by working through these items and using the Kopiki B2B matching software to discover Suppliers and benchmark we aim to save you 10% or more. This can add significantly to your bottom line.
To start the process go to sign up as a Buyer and post whatever product and service you require under one of our categories and open a Marketplace. You can contact us at to discuss benchmarking or long tail cost reductions. For more information visit -
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