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Eating and make someone eating is a good business! Catering is one of those businesses that never goes down, because people have taken this birth “only for eating” whether you eat food or someone else! Joking though guys but if in this life you haven’t eaten a variety of food then we think your this birth has gone waste.

There are varieties of foods out there you can taste, and we guarantee you this that your life would become worth-living, and one day when you would be going to die you would never regret it.

So you like eating and have a tongue for it and also like cooking and want to enter into the catering business, then you are thinking right. There is nothing wrong in it. What goes in earning a few bucks when you have the talent?

You have the talent but lacking in business strategy. You don’t know how to start and what ground works you need to do for starting the catering business. Don’t worry, we are telling you here all.

Research: the first thing that you need to do is research. This is the first strategy in every business that you are going to start. You have to do research and competitors’ research and analysis those who are already established in the market, that what they are doing, how they are ahead, and what they are offering to customers, and how you will be better than them.

Visit the established caterers: you must visit the established caterers to see their mode of service. How they are satisfying their customers, and what quality features they have adopted to enhance their products.

You need a team: without a credible team, catering business is impossible. So you need to have a trusted team that can help you in this business. In the starting when you don’t have much money to invest in a team, then you can ask your those friends who are also interested in the catering business. With them you can grow and establish your dream catering business.

Prices: when you set out to write your prices, write properly according to the market. They should not be much higher and shouldn’t be much less. And they also shouldn’t be in a way that you lose your money because of that.

Take a shop on rent: whatever business one is starting, it needs to have an address otherwise customers can’t reach you and don’t consider your business credible. So take a shop on rent and decorate it, give it the business appearance you want, and start your business from there.

Digital/physical marketing: in this digital age where social media rules, you need to market your catering business on social media channels. YouTube can play a very important role for your business. Digital marketing is necessary because most of the time these days people live on social media.

Establish relationship with vendors: new caterers those who are starting need to establish their relationship with other vendors. Because it is said somewhere that catering is more than food. Because most of the time, customers ask for linens, china, tables, glassware. So new caterers need to start to build their relationship with other vendors.

Licenses & permits: you also need to take necessary licenses and permits that should be passed by respected authority or your city government department. Whatever authority works in your city for passing catering licenses and permits, you need to get them. Because most often concerned department come to check the quality of food you are providing and whether you are maintaining the kitchen standards or not, and other necessary standards.

Accumulate inventory: accumulate inventory like dishwasher, kitchen utensils, gas and other stuff that is needed to run a small catering business. You should also have extra provided in case of any emergency you can use them rather than buying them in the market.

So these are all the ground works and strategies on which you have to work for starting your catering business. When you start, go gradual rather than hasting. For a business to establish, it takes time. Apart from all, Top wedding caterers in Ludhiana are available that you can book if your wedding is going to take place in the city. If you need other wedding vendors, you can book from Shaadidukaan, where you can find a list of other wedding vendors.

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