Sophia Wilson
by on June 28, 2019
Forgot Apple ID Password, How to Get it Back?
"I forgot my Apple ID password on iPhone, how can I get it back since I can't enter my App Store for purchase."
"I forgot apple id password on iPad, and forgot apple id password and security question as well. Is there any solution?"
What Can You Do with Apple ID?
By creating and using an Apple ID, you can personalize your Apple Online Store experience of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. You can save carts until you're ready to place an order, use Express Checkout ordering on Apple secure website, check the status of or change your order online, check Apple Gift Card balances, and much more. Additionally, your Apple ID gives you access to other Apple resources including:
• Ordering photos and photo books through iPhoto
• Registering your Apple products
• Accessing support for your products from AppleCare
What if You Forget Apple ID Password?
Thus, if you forgot your Apple ID password, you will lose the access to everything you do with Apple: shopping the iTunes store, buying an app, using iMessage, and more. So keep reading to learn how to reset the forgotten Apple ID password and never be frustrated about the question of what to do if you forgot Apple ID password.
How to Reset or Recover the Forgotten Apple ID Password?
Actually, it's an easy-to-solve problem for resetting forgotten Apple ID password if you know the answer to your security questions or have access to the email address associated with your Apple ID. Check this blog to know about how to reset the Apple ID in these two situations respectively:
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