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by on July 4, 2019

The hair transplant procedure is the most widely used method for treating baldness. Men or women depend on surgical treatment for their baldness because it is the only one that gives practical and permanent results without any risks. While other medications only provide short term results and may be artificial, hair transplant surgery gives long-lasting and natural hair growth. But for considerable growth of hairs, you need quality care of your strands after the surgery. Many people are unaware of the aftercare to be done post surgery. But, the hair transplant in Ahmedabad at Avenues clinic also cares for the post-treatment care of the patients and give them necessary precautions to follow.

This blog post is meant to consider all the aspects of post-operative care for hair transplant. The two main sections are as follows:

Immediate Care After the Procedure-

Be careful about the side effects of a hair transplant procedure before you go for the surgery so that you do not panic and blame the doctor for the cause. Some of the possible ones include; infection, bleeding, scarring, etc.

Keep your hairs wrapped up after the surgery for the time suggested by your surgeon. They provide with a surgeon’s cap and a headband to prevent any other harmful particle from entering your head.

At least for three days after the surgery, you should sleep with the elevated head at night. That means, take two to three pillows under your head while sleeping. Try to sleep on your back. This will prevent your scalp form swelling.

Be aware of post-operative signs of infection or bleeding. Swelling and redness are common and will reduce with time, but if they don’t consult your doctor immediately. If you feel cold or have a fever after the surgery, it could be an infection. To heal your swelling, you can use an ice pack on the back of your head.

After a hair transplant surgery, your doctor will provide you with a prescription. Follow the medications properly to speed up the healing process.

Do not scratch your head. Your nails and the harsh impression can remove the grafts and result in bleeding. If you feel excessive itchiness in your scalp, ask your doctor for proper medication.

Do not forget to wash your hair on a specified time by your doctor. Washing will prevent infection and keep your hairs clean. Make sure you apply shampoo with gentle hands.

Choose the right place for hair transplant procedure that can mention all the risks and after effects of hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant in Ahmedabad can prove to be your best decision for hair loss treatment.

Environment for Recovery-

Avoid swimming pools for at least for a month after the hair transplant surgery. Chlorinated water in the pool can cause harm to your hair grafts and result in complications. Steam rooms should also be skipped.

Do not enter into direct sunlight during the day time. When you go out, wear a loose cap on the head or take an umbrella with you. Sunlight can damage your hair grafts, and your surgery will not gain you anything.

You should avoid playing sports like basketball, football, volleyball, etc., for at least six months after the surgery as they can cause severe injuries to your head. Also increased blood pressure due to other physical activity can cause bleeding in the grafted area.

If you are looking for a robust treatment for your hair loss and worried about the preventive care after the procedure, then hair transplant in Ahmedabad is for you. The doctor, Mr. Kinnar Kapadia, is a well-reputed surgeon and specialist in treating baldness and performing hair transplant surgery. He guides his patients with all the required measures to take care of their health after the treatment.

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