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by on July 8, 2019

Hair transplant is an effective way to get your hair back if you are facing hair loss or male pattern baldness. According to Dr. Kinnar Kapadia, a well-known hair doctor in Ahmedabad, you cannot compare this treatment with home remedies or other non-surgical procedures because you get instant results and do not have to wait for uncertain results.

Unlike, your ideas for hiding the bald area, hair transplant provides a real and natural look and you need not visit again the clinic for further treatment.

During the hair transplant surgery, the surgeon removes baldness resistant hairs from the back and sides of the head and transplants hair grafts to the recipient areas. This procedure is performed by highly trained surgeons in a proper environment (Operation Theater).

Therefore, the surgeon’s role is vital in the process of hair transplant surgery. Many surgeons are aware of the importance of hair transplant surgery but they hardly think about the role of the surgeon. This is the reason for a failed surgery.

If you wish to have a successful hair transplant surgery, you need to consider the following features in a surgeon.


Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and the surgeon needs to have a proper degree and license before he performs the surgery. Therefore, never think to be treated with an untrained surgeon.


Only a medical degree would not work in the case of hair transplant but the surgeon needs a specialized degree in hair transplant or cosmetic procedures to perform a hair transplant.


Normally a patient feels more secure and safe with an experienced surgeon who has performed a lot of surgeries because an experienced surgeon ensures successful results after the surgery.


Your experts should love his work to perform the cosmetic procedure. Such doctors have artistic skills with technical skills because they love to provide satisfactory results to the patients.

Zeal to Learn New Things:

Perfect hair transplant experts always look for new changes in the cosmetic surgery field. He learns new things quickly to provide ultra-effective and modern treatment to the patients.

Communication Skills:

Hair transplant surgeons are good communicators because they have to deal with many patients and need to going into detail to have clear information about the disease.

As you may observe that the role of a hair doctor in Ahmedabad is extremely important when you are looking for hair transplant surgery. If you are in need of a hair transplant surgeon, just visit the Avenues clinic where you can get authentic and high-class hair loss treatment at a reasonable cost.

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