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Wedding is a cheerful occasion that celebrates the union of two souls. When talking about weddings one simply cannot miss out on the grandeur and lavishness of big fat Indian wedding. Indian weddings are known for their décor which hail right from shimmery drapes, glowing lights to fragrant flowers and colorful balloons. Gone are the days when Indian weddings would boost of only traditional flower and drapes décor. With changing times the wedding industry has completely revolutionized the concept of wedding decorations. The wedding market is loaded with quirky décor ideas that add oodles of charm to the weddings.

Minimalism is a hyping trend of this wedding season. Ditching away the traditional shimmery wedding venue décor the modern day weddings are all about utilizing minimalist décor. Balloon décor is one of the modern minimalist décor idea. Balloons are associated with happiness and they are best suited for happy occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and off course weddings. Balloon decoration looks classy, attractive and appealing to the eye. The balloon décor is a budget friendly way of decorating the wedding venue. Did the balloon decoration idea caught your fascination? Are you planning to opt for balloon decoration at your wedding? You must be then looking for balloon decorators in Kolkata, Pune or wherever your tying the knot.

The wedding market has a number of available balloon decorators and choosing the ideal decorator amongst them is a dainty task. How do you find the perfect balloon decorator is the question many couples would ask. So here’s a guide that would steer your search for a balloon decorator in the right direction. Have look lovebirds!

1. Budget

Everything in this materialistic world comes with a price tag. Wedding is an expensive affair and if not planned within a budget then is sure enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Wedding is once in a lifetime moment that every person waits for eagerly and couples go to extra lengths to add oodles of charm to their special day. With the aim of making their wedding unique couples often end up spending more than what they intend to. Post the wedding due to the over expenses the couples are left debt ridden. You defiantly would not to end up like that, right! It is advisable to set a budget for your balloon decorator. A budget not just aids in curbing over expenses but it also leaves out chances of negotiation with the decorator for the final costing.

2. Variety of Balloons

Balloons are available in a variety of hues, shapes and sizes. A top balloon decorator would offer a wide variety of balloons to choose from. Right from shiny ones to heart shaped ones the choices are many. Before approaching a balloon decorator select the variety of balloons that you require. Psst… An advice select your balloon type keeping in mind your wedding theme to color coordinate the decorations. 3. Availability

Imagine after much hunting you have finally found your balloon decorator but when you approach them they have run out of dates, sounds like a disappointment, right! It is advisable that prior to finalizing the balloon decorator check them their availability dates. Also it is better to prebook them in advance in order to avoid last minute glitches.

4. Portfolio

Wedding is a joyous occasion that is all about creating about a lifetime of happy memoirs. For getting the best wedding decoration meticulously go through the portfolio of the balloon decorator you’re choosing. A portfolio reveals about the market image, brand reputation, services offered and work samples.

5. Fix a Meeting

You cannot judge a balloon decorator simply by looking at their online work samples. To better know your balloon decorator better fix a meeting with them. Personal meetup with the balloon decorator familiarizes you with their working style and quality of work.

6. Ask for references

How do you ensure the credibility of a balloon decorator? Ask your balloon decorator for references and testimonials to ensure their credibility and authenticity. Ask a balloon decorator for atleast two or three references from their past clients to know about their working style.

So have you found your perfect balloon decorator or got some balloon decoration ideas ? Tell us in the comments below about which decoration style your opting for.

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