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by on July 17, 2019

If you are facing hair loss, hair transplant surgery is going to be the best treatment for your hairs and scalp. However, hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad is certainly a considerable factor before the surgery. There is no doubt hair transplant is effective and thousands of the patients are ready to have the treatment. But, there are a lot of patients who want a fair deal while they choose the clinic or hair loss expert.

This condition inspires fake clinics to run their business that is totally based on fake and false claims. Such clinics make untrue claims to attract the clients and most of the claims are related to the total cost of the surgery.

Therefore, hair loss patients are trapped and make the wrong decision.

If you are going to choose a hair loss expert, never arrive at the final decision before you are sure about the quality of treatment.

It is valid if you are trying to reduce the cost of the surgery but never compromise with the quality.

But, make sure you are aware of the risks associated with cheap treatments.

We are going to tell you about the risks you may have if you choose a cheap and fake hair loss clinic.

Improper Diagnosis:

If you choose the wrong clinic, the first problem you may face is an incorrect diagnosis of the problem. They may do it intentionally or unintentionally. Maybe they are not able to deal with several reasons and types of hair loss or they do not want to tell you the truth. In both cases, you are going to deal with a risky condition.

Poor-Quality Treatment:

With a fake clinic, you are in hot water because of the risk of poor quality treatment. Maybe they do not tell you about the correct number of hair grafts to make some money or it is possible the surgeon is incapable of performing the surgery.

Infection and Side Effects:

Some side effects are normal after the surgery, such as swelling, brushing, redness, and tenderness. Well-qualified surgeons deal effectively with these side effects but low-quality surgeons make the conditions worse. Maybe you have to face infections of the scalp with such clinics and experts.

Costly Treatment:

You may feel surprised after reading this because you choose such clinics to reduce the total cost. These clinics claim to provide cheap treatments but indeed, they charge more than enough through many ways. For example, they do not provide correct information about the hair follicular unit and hair graft. So, a follicular unit may have 1 to 4 hair grafts. So, you have to be sure about the number of hair grafts or hair follicular units. Moreover, if the hair transplant is failed with such clinics, you have to pay more for the treatment in another clinic.

Finally, you may understand well that there is no need to choose a fake clinic for hair loss treatment. If you are worried about the hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad, visit the Avenues clinic that is led by Dr. Kinnar Kapadia, a well-known hair transplant surgeon in the field of hair loss and cosmetic surgery.

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