Sophia Wilson
by on July 22, 2019
How to reset your Apple Id Security Questions & Answers
When you had set up your Apple ID, then you are asked to set up security questions also for your Apple ID, and now that security question will help you to reset your Apple ID account in case you get locked out or it is hacked.
Today nobody have much time, everybody is busy and you might be or you may forget the answers to your security questions. The good news is, here is a way to reset them. In this Article, we all show you how you can recover your Apple ID security questions.
Unfortunately, Getting lock of your Apple ID because you don’t know the answers of your security questions.
Reset your Apple Id Security Question
If you have forgotten your Apple ID security answers, then you had better chance you have got a rescue email address on file. You can use your that email address for resetting your Apple ID’s security questions & answers to update them.
To do that, follow these steps:
First go to Apple ID sign-in page on your web browser and sign in.
Then go to the Security question & answer section and make sure that you have email address set up. If you don’t add one and if you want to add then click on the blue Change Questions… button to continue.
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