John Morgan
by on July 23, 2019

Marriage is the ultimate happy end of a love story. But to be happy a lot of work from the partners should be done. Compromises, promises and support are inevitable if you want your marriage to be successful. Every person has a different set of characters that make them the persona they are and this set of characters is crucial in the relationship. However, reasonable thinking and changing your attitude when the success of the relationship is in question must be done when necessary. Here are several rules you must follow to have a happy marriage.

Never go to bed angry

The first and most important rule – never go to bed angry. Finish the argument and resolve it the best way possible keeping your egos at bay. Try to find a solution that will put you both at ease. Going to bed angry means a sleepless night with a lot of rethinking and imagining stuff and the next day will be a complete failure. Plus you’ll still be angry at each other and probably end up on no speaking terms.

Never bring the past into the present

A mistake that usually everyone does is when the partner, who is angry about something else, starts mentioning some of your mistakes from the past to win the argument. Well, there won’t be any winning, let me tell you that. Instead, your partner will start bringing things from your past and this will grow into a huge fight where there will be no winners, but sore losers only.

Give each compliments

Say a few nice things to your partner every day. Be it about their looks, about their work or anything else they did that day, don’t be stingy on the compliments. Everyone loves hearing something nice especially from their beloved.

If you did wrong, apologise and ask for forgiveness

Of course, you will do something you shouldn’t have. But you need to own up to it, admit it and ask for forgiveness. Honesty is always the best policy and shouldn’t be taken for granted as the truth will eventually come out.

Forget yelling at each other

Make a promise to never yell at each other. That way you will always stay within limits of reasonable arguing and you will be able to listen to each other before having something to say and interrupt the other. Learn to listen and then learn to agree and disagree conversationally.

Find the ideal partner

It is the last rule on the list but certainly not the least important. It should be a number 1, but for the sake of it being implied – let it be the bottom line of this text. Getting into a marriage with the wrong person will be a failure that will be shown maybe immediately, maybe in a few months or several years. The truth is, there will be an inevitable breaking point and there is no back from it.

Hence, finding the perfect marriage partner is crucially important. When you are looking for Asian, Latin, European or Russian girls for marriage the first thing to do is to find out how compatible you are with her. Give yourselves some time to get to know each other well and then decide if she is the one to be happy with until the end of times.

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