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by on July 24, 2019
Providing care for seniors in your home is not an easy task. This is due to the fact that the requirements of the elderly are quite different from the younger occupants in the home. There are at times when the seniors in the home need external help to properly take care of themselves.
Now, this brings us most to two options – Nursing homes or In-home care options. The decision is definitely confusing and the wrong judgment can cause inconvenience for everyone in the home. Many believe that nursing home is the best option as this relocates the elderly to a facility designed for them. But the whole story is very different from what it seems!
There is no better place than home
It goes without doubt that we feel the safest when we are at home. Nursing homes may advertise themselves as something that provides a home-like experience, but we all know that it’s just marketing jargon.
It is a known fact that people who are in nursing homes live less than the ones who are in the comfort of their homes.
In-home care provides the elderly with the right care in the comfort of their homes. The result is that they will be happier and have better chances of getting out of sickness. People suffering from illnesses like Alzheimer’s or dementia have special requirements that are only met through expert In-home care.
Treatment happens in a familiar environment
One thing that the elderly absolutely hate is unfamiliarity. This is one of the reasons why new technologies are not so popular with them.
They like the ease of using something or being in a place that is familiar to them. And what better place is there that is more familiar than the home itself. Nursing homes offer different surrounding to them, and they must adapt to the new place, which many can’t.
In-home care is provided in their own homes, ensuring that they are never at unease when the treatments are being performed.
One-on-One attention
With In-home care, the medical professional is tasked to care for only that specific individual. This means that their attention does not stray away from the elderly.
In nursing homes, the chance of getting one-on-one attention from nurses or doctors is rare because they have to tend to the requirements of everyone within that facility.
When you hire an in-home care service for your parent or grandparent, you can have the peace of mind that they are getting the attention that they need while you can concentrate on your daily affairs.
Their freedom is not taken away
One of the major advantages of In-home treatments is that the elderly is not restricted by special boundaries. In nursing homes, specific boundaries are kept and this prevents the people within to go past that.
Hence, if they want to have a nice long walk or want to spend some time in the open, nursing home doesn’t allow for such amenities. There are even guards appointed at nursing homes to make sure that the seniors do not go out unless they are authorized to and this basically puts a brake on their freedom.
Old age is a time where people require freedom. They have worked all their lives, and now it’s the time to live at their own pave. Nursing homes often fail to realize this argument.
Medical experts on call
In-home care provides the elderly with support from medical experts. They consist of nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.
They are sent to your home based on the nature and type of ailment and will be on call in case of emergencies. 24/7 care is also available for patients who need constant monitoring.
Nursing homes do not have such amenities and they rarely have experts who are available around the clock.
In-Home care is less expensive
When we look at the prices for Nursing home care and in-home care, we can see that the former is expensive across the board. The major reason why Nursing homes are expensive is that they provide live-in facilities for the patients, something that is not necessary for In-home care treatments. Also, the other benefit of In-home care is that is you can opt out of it if it’s not needed anymore.
However, the same cannot be said for Nursing home, they often require a certain amount as a deposit that is not refundable.
When you think about the services provided for the money spent, it again works in favor of In-home care because you are getting the services of trained professionals.
Bottom line
When you need the best treatment option for your parents, yourself or the elderly in general, In-home care provides better care when compared to Nursing homes.
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